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Synonyms for chivalry

Synonyms for chivalry

respectful attention, especially toward women

Synonyms for chivalry

courtesy towards women

the medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct


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Law in the Courts of Love: Literature and Other Minor Jurisprudences.
(18) For the most comprehensive studies of the courts of love, see Goodrich, John Frederick Rowbotham's The Troubadours and Courts of Love (New York: Macmillan, 1895), and William Allan Neilson's The Origins and Sources of the Court of Love (Boston: Ginn, 1899).
(24) Desdemona's status as an icon of charity is also relevant to the courts of love tradition, on which, as Peter Goodrich comments, ecclesiastical law had a significant influence:
Again, Ovid became an arbiter of elegance -- this time for the medieval courts of love. He was revered as the great preceptor of courtly love.
This was the period of the Courts of Love, when high born women sat beneath the summer trees and disputed for weeks upon the merits or demerits of taking lovers, remaining chaste no matter what and similar things.