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a government building that houses the offices of a county government

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a building that houses judicial courts

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1984: County master plan calls for building several new courthouses to handle growth, involving facilities in the Antelope Valley, Chatsworth, North Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Whittier and Long Beach.
They'll have to persuade the Legislature that a new courthouse deserves a higher priority than courthouse projects in other counties, and they'll have to get county residents to agree that the old building - which is really not so old - needs to be replaced.
The former Worcester County Courthouse is a lonely place.
The building, which dates to 1916, is one of 15 courthouses around Texas hoping soon to receive renovation funds from the state government.
As requested, for 33 federal courthouses completed since 2000, GAO examined (1) whether they contain extra space and any costs related to it; (2) how their actual size compares with the congressionally authorized size; (3) how their space based on the judiciary's 10-year estimates of judges compares with the actual number of judges; and (4) whether the level of courtroom sharing supported by the judiciary's data could have changed the amount of space needed in these courthouses.
So it may come as a surprise to learn that where he really enjoys spending time is in the dark halls and dingy courtrooms of the nation's local courthouses.
In recent years, with increases in administration space and an enhanced need for security, federal courthouses have become less public symbols of justice and more like generic office towers.
Justice Department lawyer Paul Clement argued that Commandments displays in courthouses and other government buildings are permissible because they are not intended to promote religion.
The Lone Star State pays up to 85 percent of the renovation costs, and counties pay the rest for courthouses 50 years old and older.
Nevertheless, in comparison, other courthouses within the West Midlands are in a far worse state than the courthouse at Sutton Coldfield.
The Emanuel Celler Courthouse is one of the central Courthouses in Brooklyn and has desperately needed renovations for quite some time," commented Joong Lee, Weidlinger's Partner in Charge for the Cadman Plaza Courthouse.
At the most basic level, the records of the building, repair, expansion, furnishings, and uses of successive courthouses from 1843 to 1940 in Union County, North Carolina, will provide the means for exploring an interplay among politics, economic development and material culture in the New South.
The 11th Circuit has a total of four main courthouses and five branch courts.
a provider of immersive imaging for the Internet, has been chosen by the US General Services Administration (GSA) to provide navigable photographs of federal courthouses around the US using its IPIX virtual tour technology.
To help determine the frequency and nature of incidents in the nation's courthouses as well as the effectiveness of security measures, the International Association of Court Officers and Services, Inc.