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person, exemplified by politeness and courteousness in interaction.
While he admits that Wolf has gone and met with Republican and Democratic legislators more than Miskin has ever seen since he started in state politics in 1984, he argues that the governor's courteousness and kindness just does not make up for doing "everything he can to undermine" Republicans.
I think Japan needs to continue to preserve its culture and traditions: professionalism, respect and courteousness are part of that culture, as is the food and music.
The combined results of this and other studies about caring in online courses provide validation from both instructor and student perspectives that genuine caring can be effectively conveyed through mindful attention, loving-kindness, compassionate awareness, courteousness, mercy, and appreciation for the humanity of self and others.
Andrews concludes," we balance high-tech with high touch" and for Coaxicom that means knowing what our customers want and finding quick, innovative ways to deliver it with courteousness, respect and moreover appreciation.
For Vergil, "civilization, in the form of more temperate manners, was the true purpose of the Christian faith," and "by equating civility with Christian gentleness and courteousness, [Botero] made Christ the apostle of courtesy.
tual behavior, physicality, courteousness, optimism, patience, cheerfulness, assertiveness, adventure-seeking behavior, composure, sense of responsibility, sense of propriety, and compassion, among others.
Is it that courteousness has given way to higher education?
This is nothing but courteousness, comparable with our introducing of a statement by the friendly "As everyone knows" or "As generally acknowledged.
Both athletic participants and spectators could display spirit and loyalty, fair play and courteousness at athletic events.
The lady refers to Gawain's reputation and courteousness to lead him into accepting her advances, and he refers to the ideals of courteousness and chivalry to justify why he does not give in to her temptations.
Their hospitality and courteousness has been their hallmark.
On the top of their wish lists were civility, courteousness, and professional behavior from bus drivers.
In a study carried out at a tertiary care hospital in RawalpindiPakistan by Khan et al9 the availability and courteousness of doctors' was rated by 98.
According to the Boy Scouts of America's mission, the organization strives to "instill" within all Scouts the following ideals: trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, courteousness, kindness, obedience, cheerfulness, thriftiness, bravery, cleanliness and reverence.