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in a polite manner

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Hath an immodest one ever been answered more courteously?--Thou, however, O Zarathustra, passedst him by, and saidst: 'Nay!
He approached the disturbers of his peace, requested courteously to be told what was desired; then politely putting Lebedeff and Keller aside, he addressed an old gentleman who was standing on the verandah steps at the head of the band of would-be guests, and courteously requested him to honour him with a visit.
To have been Belshazzar, King of Babylon; and to have been Belshazzar, not haughtily but courteously, therein certainly must have been some touch of mundane grandeur.
There is one German custom which is universal--the bowing courteously to strangers when sitting down at table or rising up from it.
Burch bowed courteously, accepted the invitation "in the same spirit in which it was offered," and asked Brother Milliken to lead in prayer.
For although she does not avoid or shun the society and conversation of the shepherds, and treats them courteously and kindly, should any one of them come to declare his intention to her, though it be one as proper and holy as that of matrimony, she flings him from her like a catapult.
A fireman and fire-lady with a fire-truck tactfully asked me to just step back, and other members courteously asked me to take a break.
Chairman CDA directed the concerned officers to courteously inform these missions to remove violations by themselves.
Park courteously on Chapel Lane 10am MLAS leisurely 5 Pub stop after walk.
The interior blends beautifully well into the dark, soft room with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the busy streets.Hospitality continues to remain the centre of attention as the staff courteously greet you as soon as you enter and steer you to the teppanyaki grill.
A group of us asked the headmaster if it could be reinstated but he told us, courteously, that we would find French of greater commercial value.
The DPO asked the police officials to treat the people courteously, listen to their complaints and address them in line with the provisions of law without any delay and use of torture.
The men and women in uniform so respectfully, professionally and courteously carry on their mission to help, save, serve and protect the community.
Acaylar said the drivers were told 'to explain courteously if ever the passengers complain.'