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in a polite manner

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To have been Belshazzar, King of Babylon; and to have been Belshazzar, not haughtily but courteously, therein certainly must have been some touch of mundane grandeur.
There is one German custom which is universal--the bowing courteously to strangers when sitting down at table or rising up from it.
Burch bowed courteously, accepted the invitation "in the same spirit in which it was offered," and asked Brother Milliken to lead in prayer.
For although she does not avoid or shun the society and conversation of the shepherds, and treats them courteously and kindly, should any one of them come to declare his intention to her, though it be one as proper and holy as that of matrimony, she flings him from her like a catapult.
He further stated that all trainers were bound to behave courteously with personnel.
He said that all trainers have been bound to behave courteously with personnel during training and if any trainer or house master would be found abusing or admonishing without due reason a disciplinary action will be taken against them.
Yaseen further said all trainers were bound to behave courteously with the personnel during training and if any trainer or house master was found abusing or admonishing a trainee without reason, disciplinary action will be taken against them.
Praising Pakistan's step of allowing Jadhav to meet his family, she said that the Indian government was not known to respond courteously to humanitarian gestures from other countries.
They are courteously listening, perhaps awaiting their turn to speak and just being in the moment.
We are pleased to have done a deal, properly and courteously, with Scott, Gary and Jamie," said Anderson.
He said the PML-N leadership behaved courteously, but Bilawal made personal attacks instead of giving some future plan for the prosperity of the people of Azad Kashmir.
Nadeem Malik stated; "We are pleased to see the young digital influencers who have participated in the Bloggers event and I courteously thank them for their enthusiastic participation in the global #UpgradeYourWorld' campaign.
Through the activity we are acknowledging their existence and capacitate them to resolve the problem lodged to them courteously and fairly, said Degala.
In an official letter to the Palestinian General Authority of Civil Affairs (PGACA), the Israeli regime said "the infrastructure at border crossings was to be improved and that Israeli soldiers were instructed to behave courteously towards fasting Palestinians.
Look out for our cars arriving in the city on Saturday and Sunday morning and please could I appeal to other motorists to treat them courteously as they were designed for an earlier, more leisurely age.