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a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law

a trial that is conducted by a military court

subject to trial by court-martial

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Pretrial hearings are held for investigators to probe a case before deciding whether the suspect should be court-martialed.
Shortly after completing this punishment for his AWOL, PVT Brennan was court-martialed the third time for "assaulting a SP5 [Specialist Five/E-5] and disobeying an order." According to a newspaper report in the European edition of Stars and Stripes, PVT Brennan served his sentence for this third court-martial at the stockade located at William O.
Waddle -- already relieved of his command the day after the collision -- not be court-martialed. The commander of the U.S.
submarine that collided with and sank the Japanese fisheries training ship Ehime Maru should not be court-martialed, CNN reported Sunday.
Sixty-three African-American Soldiers believed to be responsible for the riot--and the deaths--were subsequently court-martialed in the "largest murder trial in the history of the United States." (1) While the story of Houston riots trial is worth knowing, the impact of the tragic event on the evolution of the military justice system is what makes it important in our Corps' history.
Navy Court of Inquiry reportedly recommended Friday that Waddle should not be court-martialed.