court of appeals

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a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies

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Conoco then appealed its case to the New Mexico Court of Appeals.
In the Cale case, decided by the Court of Appeals in 1984, generally held that corporations were entitled to the benefits of the Rent Stabilization Law if the lease in question named a specific individual as the intended occupant.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found the search of a vehicle unlawful, where the arrestee was handcuffed and placed in the rear of a police vehicle prior to the search.
In reaching this decision, the court of appeals acknowledged that the attorney-client privilege could extend to the advice rendered by AA because, under the teaching of United States v.
Both the CIT and the Court of Appeals overturned the "most direct cause of exportation" test used by Customs, finding nothing in the legislative history to support such a test.
The Court of Appeals found a triable issue regarding whether the owners had knowledge a young child lived in the apartment before the violation was issued.
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Rhoades, McKee & Boer (see JofA, Apr.
Although it is clear that the Service had changed its policy after almost 20 years of maintaining a contrary position, the Court of Appeals stated that it was reasonable and permissible for the IRs to correct what it perceived to be a mistake in the regulations.
The April 4 decision by the Division II Court of Appeals also marked the first time an appeals court interpreted those provisions of the law used to deny Premera's application.
The Court of Appeals held that the State had no legitimate interest in encouraging the eviction of residential tenants, stating:
Yesterday's Court of Appeals decision affirms the decision of the Minnesota Racing Commission to grant racing licenses to North Metro.
Recently, the New York Court of Appeals approved a procedure which encourages development yet is still cognizant of local and state environmental laws.
Supreme Court granted review of the case, directed the Oregon Court of Appeals to vacate its June 2002 opinion and ordered reconsideration of the case in view of State Farm.
On motions, the Court of Appeals ruled in 1986 that the class action was appropriate and there was not a statutory limit.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on January 9, 2006, affirmed the holding of the U.