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seek favor by fawning or flattery

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Nothing, except to allow Tony Blair to court favour with Europe's political elite in his quest to become 'The First President of Europe'.
Israel signalled that Arafat's decision, an apparent bid to court favour with Washington as it prepared for a possible war on Iraq, would not result in any immediate resumption of talks with PA officials on statehood.
When you are the real deal you don't need to court favour with pointless statements.
Vaughan was so desperate to court favour at yesterday's toss that he flipped the coin miles over his shoulder like a bride's bouquet.
Instead of working with unions, for example in the public sector to improve efficiency and quality of services, Mr Blair believes it is better to court favour with private companies, whose motive is to make a profit above all else and not to deliver quality public services.
Both ITV and BBC are reported to be trying to court favour with the Dando look-alike.
In 1783 the line is twice singled out for quotation in Johnson's Lives of the Poets, and on the second occasion is linked with the idea of recantation, with Young's alleged repudiation, from self-interest, of his allegiance to Alexander Pope, in middle age, ~at more than 40 when he sate down to the miserable siege of Court favour',(4) and eventually became ~the pensioner of the Court'.(5)
Being Scottish, Anderson has never been one to court favour with the Ally Pally crowds.
According to The Guardian, Kumity Majhi, a leader of the Majhi Kondh adivasi, said local communities would stop the mining 'whether or not the supreme court favour us'.
The Swiss doesn't need to court favour with an English audience who already adore his every move but he does feel a sportsman's sense of frustration at matches decided by bad errors.
Both ITV and the BBC are reported to be trying to court favour with the Scot.
Farry has never gone out of his way to court favour and his truculent approach did not endear him to fans or team managers.
'No proof of paper leaking was found in the inquiry, so the court favoured the NTS in its decision,' he said.
Global Banking News-March 25, 2015--UK court favours Ecuadorean Central Bank in a ruling