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seek favor by fawning or flattery

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According to the theory of elite mobilization, presidents utilize their judicial nominees to court favor with their elite constituents and interested groups (Scherer 2005).
Right now, three Justices on the Court favor overturning this long-standing principle of equality before the law for nonbelief.
As written, Celimene is a flirtatious tease in a society obsessed with currying court favor, but all Paige projects is the peculiar, even steely self-regard one recalls at least as far back as her West End "Anything Goes.
How can the Supreme Court favor one family over the thousands who endured pain during those dark times?
Duterte's statements indicating an end to a long-standing friendship with the Americans as the latter seemed to court favor with the Philippines' rival in the South China Sea dispute as he undertook a state visit to China.
The idea is to court favor with shoppers with "better" goods-now the fastest-growing part of Kohl's home mix, executives have said.
The court favors protecting benefits -- as one can see with its ruling in favor of Milgram -- more than plan assets, which the court found are not as strongly guarded by ERISA in the case of defined contribution.
The smallish court favors quickness and finesse over sheer mobility and power, which works well to please co-ed players of all ages and body types.