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a huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey

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formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a dog trained for coursing

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There have been very few Coursers in recent years; the last was on Scilly in 2004 and then in Essex in 1984.
Courser Ill; Alan Duffield; Carlton Ekdahl; Robert E.
MSUML manufactures spun yarn (combed and carded) mainly of medium to courser counts.
The BNHS and Indian Bird Conservation Network have been working on several critically endangered species like Bengal florican, JerdonAEs courser, sociable lapwing, forest owlet and four species of vultures.
All of that makes the Camaro SS a very capable courser, but, as I said, itAAEs certainly no lithe and nimble sports car.
Lecture by Warner Historical Society director Rebecca Courser about her town's role in WWII.
Metz recommended getting MRI exams of all congenital dermoid cysts on the scalp, especially if there's an overlying hair collar sign (longer, courser, darker hair surround the scalp nodule) or capillary stain, or if the cyst is in an atypical location.
Where the company is failing, Courser said, "is in its belated recognition of its obligation to engage in open communication with citizens about its business practices and as to why it ultimately provides a benefit to American consumers and to the broader American economy.
Ask Dan Courser about food safety, and the chief operating office for the 11 upscale Busch's grocery stores in the Ann Arbor, Mich.
Soon after, they learn the animal is a natural hare courser.
The Reserva Imperiale is also offered in a choice of two grinds -- courser for filter, finer for classic espresso.
Nor do the authors take the trouble to find out the difference between a courser (a faster, smaller horse) and a "destrier" or war horse.
If you seem to be sanding a lot and not getting very far fast, change to a courser grit.
He gave these remarks while presiding of a 3-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) during the courser of hearing of lawyers kidnapping and violence against lawyers case here Friday.