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a huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey

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formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a dog trained for coursing

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Healthcare company ValueHealth reported on Tuesday the appointment of Whitney Courser as president of its Marketing and Sales Operations.
In intervier wse read to the court - where r she denies four chargesr of using, possessing or conven rting criminal cash - she was askedk if her training r and experx -ience with the DWPW had included a courser on moneye laundering.
We gave it a smooth texture which a lot of people like and makes it different to other premium, courser sausages in the supermarket."
Best greyhound trained When I lived in Ireland I trained a courser for my dad [Ernie snr] called Caxton Commander.
He has played just five practice holes on the Hamilton Golf and Country Club courser.
There are certain species every keen birder hopes to see in Britain and the Cream-coloured Courser is up there near the top.
If one is fortunate enough, one can also get a glimpse of the majestic pharaoh eagle owl, the largest owl in the world, a few pairs of which breed in Qatar, or the cream coloured courser, which has been chosen to become the logo of Qatar Bird Club.
Courser III, Concord, N.H.; Carlton Ekdahl; Manchester, N.H.; B.Z.
MSUML manufactures spun yarn (combed and carded) mainly of medium to courser counts.
The BNHS and Indian Bird Conservation Network have been working on several critically endangered species like Bengal florican, JerdonAEs courser, sociable lapwing, forest owlet and four species of vultures.
They were really buzzing about it and went back to school to thank their teachers for putting them forward for the courseR
All of that makes the Camaro SS a very capable courser, but, as I said, itAAEs certainly no lithe and nimble sports car.
March 29, Wolfeboro: "Home Fires: The Story of Small Town New Hampshire in the Second World War." Lecture by Warner Historical Society director Rebecca Courser about her town's role in WWII.