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Young people who decide after their training on a course of study or external further education receive a commitment on employment after that period.
forms part of the students practical training plan for the summertime vacation and an integral part of the business administration course of study throughout the years of study in the college.
The course of study is just under a year with incoming classes starting in August, November, and February.
5 : showing satisfactory work in a test or course of study <a passing mark>
Describe the planning considerations for a course of study.
The Val Feld Memorial Trust, established six years ago, is offering two pounds 1,000 study bursaries to women who are single parents, over the age of 25, resident in Wales and studying or embarking on a course of study in Wales.
To earn this certification, which just 45 professionals in the tri-state area hold, he had to meet rigorous requirements, which included demonstrating extensive experience in the construction industry, a course of study and the successful completion of the certification exam.
The State Scholars Initiative is a national program that motivates students to complete a rigorous course of study in high school--one that will give them a boost in college and their careers.
I would recommend first deciding on the course of study.
Over the three-year course of study, students will be able to earn either a joint master's degree in business administration and pastoral ministry, or a degree in pastoral ministry with a concentration in church administration.
This course of study provides students with skills for a lifetime of learning, whether they choose to go to a four-year college, community college, the military, or directly into the workplace.
The Goucher College dance program now requires incoming undergraduate students to participate in at least one course of study abroad: History and Performance of Dance in Brazil, Dance and Theatre as Cultural Metaphors (London), Culture and Arts in West Africa (Ghana) are among the choices.
Paralegal studies is a program where you can take a two-year course of study and become a professional,'' instructor Debora Orlik said.
She spent her junior year in Paris, where she had a course of study with the late Nadia Boulanger.
KG, Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany bestowed the Wangner Talent Award 2005 at the end of the school semester upon Mary Philipp, who received the top intermediate diploma at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Munich, in the Process Engineering-Paper and Packaging course of study.