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recognition by a college or university that a course of studies has been successfully completed

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In 2013, the gender gap was 8 points, with 43 percent of females versus 35 percent of males earning AP course credit.
The Courier reports ( student technology fees, set at $5 per course credit hour by state law, were decreased to $4 per course credit hour by Fletcher's Student Government Association in 2010.
Any company that offers internships for course credit has experienced the wide range of interns who come through the door.
Upon successfully passing each module, members will receive both course credit with Travel Agent University as well as bonus Famous Agents points.
Students who complete the program could receive one hour of course credit at the school's Daytona Beach, Fla., or Prescott, Ariz.
I recall working in the news bureau of a school district and, in addition to receiving a full three units of course credit, I received a minimum wage salary (well, it was $1.65 at the time, but still).
LOCATION: Coralville Marriott, Coralville, IA COURSE CREDIT: 1.2 contact hours (.12 CEUs) FEES: $30 for CE only/ Conference Attendees included in registration COURSE The presentation will provide attendees PURPOSE: with an update on efforts to implement nursing's recommendations for a reformed health care system.
Responding to Mr Brown was junior defence minister Andrew Murrison, who said he agreed the Department for Education should give the cadet course credit for its hard work.
Jackson describes the APIP as "a high school intervention that includes cash incentives for both teachers and students for passing scores earned on AP [Advanced Placement] exams, teacher training, curricular oversight, and test-prep sessions." Many colleges grant course credit to students who obtain high scores on AP exams.
This remedial identity was reflected in a testing-heavy, basic skills curriculum focused primarily on lexico-grammatical issues, as well as in the program's policies for placement, tuition, and course credit. Through data-gathering and cross-departmental collaboration, the program was able to construct an alternative identity for itself--one in which its role was to support diversity, rather than to eradicate deficiency.
The understanding involves co-development of short term management programs, course credit transfer and exchange of students and faculty.
* rarely, if ever, provide course credit for life experiences, or work-place responsibilities;
They are required to take 18 hours of course credit their first year as agents.
A "Statistics in Brief" report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) uses data from the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 to determine how the number of credits earned by high school students relates to course credit accrual and dropping out.
* "Course Credit Accrual and Dropping Out of High School," also out of NCES, examines the number of credits earned by high school students and the relationship between course credit accrual and dropping out.
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