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in a courageous manner


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'When we lived at Henley, Barnes's gander was stole by tinkers.' Mr Pancks courageously nodded his head and said, 'All right, ma'am.' But the effect of this mysterious communication upon Clennam was absolutely to frighten him.
Then, Faustus, stab thine arm courageously, And bind thy soul, that at some certain day Great Lucifer may claim it as his own; And then be thou as great as Lucifer.
Finn called out to him to go away, and as he persisted in coming nearer, she hit him courageously with her umbrella over the head and, without once looking back, ran like the wind with the perambulator as far as the first house in the village.
Then courageously raising her eyes and looking out of the window, "if I'm not playing cribbage with my uncle."
"Get up here, Eva!" said Miss Ophelia, courageously; "what has been done can be done again.
Go to work, labor, young man, struggle ardently and courageously; live, yourself, your mother and sister, with the most rigid economy, so that from day to day the property of those whom I leave in your hands may augment and fructify.
I bore your absence courageously. Life has necessities to which we must all submit."
Both officers courageously chased and Indian submarine during Pakistan India rift.
Apelado, former president of Union Theological Seminary, preached about "closing the doors of yesterday in order to move on courageously, creatively, confidently to the open door of the future." The text for his sermon was from a reading in the book of Revelation.
In short, leading courageously is about engaging the edge of conflict rather than permitting harmony--or possibly even psychological safety--to dull our creative thinking.
HEWITT Sylvia Ann (nee Mends) Peacefully on Thursday, August 30 at her home in the presence of her loving family, after a short illness very courageously borne Sylvia of Erw Non, Llannon.
Jam Kamal said Pakistan's valiant armed forces have rendered supreme sacrifices in the war against terrorism and courageously eliminated terrorism from its soil.
In accordance with the order, Ilgar Balakishiyev police colonel and Samad Abbasov police colonel-lieutenant, who showed loyalty to police oath and courageously and heroically died while preventing an attempt to brutally disrupt public order in the city of Ganja on July 10, 2018, are posthumously awarded the "Azerbaijani Flag" Order.
Addressing the eighth African Regional Executive Committee, in Dakar, Senegal last Thursday, the Vice President (Africa) of the Geneva-based industrial global union, Comrade Issa Aremu, said sustaining the legacies of Winnie Madikizela Mandela amounts to 'throwing apartheid permanently into the dust-bin of history', failing which he said 'Africa risks resurrection of the evil of apartheid which Winnie courageously confronted at immeasurable costs.'