coupon bond

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a bond issued with detachable coupons that must be presented to the issuer for interest payments


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Under the coupon bond method for TIPS, taxpayers must include in income each year (using their regular accounting method) qualified stated interest, which is computed by multiplying the inflation/ deflation-adjusted principal by the stated interest rate.
Under the coupon bond method, an inflation adjustment is taken into account for each taxable year in which the bond is outstanding in an amount equal to the sum of the inflation-adjusted principal amount at the end of the period and the principal payments made during the period minus the inflation-adjusted principal amount at the beginning of the period.
Each zero coupon bond holding period return was next weighted inversely by its duration to create a composite measure of term structure movement.
When you give a zero coupon bond, you know your gift has built-in growth value.
1bn from the market via 5-year fixed coupon bond sales at an average interest rate of 6.
Or, they could be reinvested at a lower interest rate than the coupon bond.
Debt instruments that qualify as inflation-indexed debt will be subject to one of two methods to account for qualified stated interest and original issue discount (OID) on the instrument: the coupon bond method or the discount bond method.
According to the Ministry of Finance, the balance for the second type of bond, the zero coupon bond, is approximately EGP 61.
The maturity date of the seven percent coupon bond was November 3, 2009, the bank said.
As of July 7, 1998, the Treasury zero coupon bond maturing on March 15, 2018, requires a $310 investment, a gift you can give a child.
business, acquires at original issue a zero coupon bond of Y, a U.
Demand for the Treasury's benchmark bond (2-year fixed coupon) and the 10-year fixed coupon bond auctions was muted.
36 percent in Treasury's TRY denominated fixed coupon bond auction on July 18.
Global Banking News-15 April 2009-Nabard to launch 10-year Zero Coupon Bond issue this month(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.