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Synonyms for coupon



Synonyms for coupon

a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed

a test sample of some substance

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That depends on which type of "digital" coupon: internet print-at-home (PAH) coupons or download-to-card/phone incentives.
In Europe and the US coupon and voucher services are very well known and utilized, especially in today's economy where many people have to sustain with tight budgets.
If you want to load a coupon, just click the "load" button next to the coupon offer and then enter the numbers located on the back of your rewards card.
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers offered recession-weary consumers some $485 billion in savings via coupons, according to a report on 2010 coupon usage.
Newsprint coupon clippers will continue to convert into electronic coupon clickers.
For the uninitiated, coupon clipping might seem like a big effort for a small payoff.
Not many other promotional tools can accomplish sampling and encourage the continuity of a purchase," says John Irwin, president of the Association of Coupon Professionals, headquartered in Des Plains, Ill.
Ponzi, who had just failed to launch a business-to-business advertising guide, saw the International Reply Coupon as an ingenious way to take advantage of Europe's post-war chaos.
In the example used by the Supreme Court, "if Catalina's manufacturer-client is Campbell Soup, Campbell can contract to have a coupon reading 'one dollar off your next purchase of Campbell Soup' printed at the supermarket checkout counter whenever someone purchases a can of its soup, in order to encourage repeat business.
This election was repealed for tax years after 1986, thus hindering taxpayers, ability to currently deduct reserves established for rebates and coupon redemptions.
45 percent annually on average between 1984 and 1991 for manufacturer coupons) and decreasing coupon redemption rates every year (i.
The change in a security's price caused by a given change in interest rates is also a function of the security's coupon size.
Present this coupon at the till to redeem offer (you will need to be an IKEA FAMILY member - join instore) 1.
Inmar, one of the major coupon-processing houses, recently released its 2009 report on couponing practices, which indicated that coupon usage was up - dramatically so - for the first time since 1992.