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Synonyms for couplet

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for couplet

a stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse

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In order to celebrate the coming Year of the Dog on the lunisolar calendar, New Taipei City has released a series of spring festival couplets.
Graham - brought up in Marske but now living in Skelton - likes to freshen up his safety and information announcements with a quirky selection of selfpenned couplets.
767 In the following couplet, water means tears, and as Atabaki's dictionary of Shahnameh, is an allusion of crying.
The next day, a longer couplet took shape when I was taking a walk:
Swansea University modern languages expert Dr Tom Cheesman is seeking translations and adaptations in all languages - including various versions of English - of a controversial couplet from Othello that has had experts scratching their heads for hundreds of years.
Step 4: Students share the couplet they chose with a peer, then
Poets must be well-versed in the Greek Cypriot dialect, possess adequate knowledge of the popular poetry of Cyprus and the ability to retrieve existing, well-known Tsiattista and, above all, must be able to improvise a new couplet on a specific theme within very strict time constraints and be able to respond to his or her opponent.
It takes two "weird" couplets of capitalized nouns (like the ingredients of a witch's broth) to set things back on course, and prepare us, ironically, to feel the tug of sincerity in the final couplet's prayer.
In the couplet "Raha hai muztarib ye dil, qarar hi nahin mila/Humain to zeest mein kisi ka pyar hi nahin mila", he indicates that he is deprived of love.
Each couplet is considered in order, and the contrasting statements lead the key user either to another couplet or to an identification of the specimen.
This article argues that what is called the central couplet of the cycle, the reciprocal relation between peroxynitrite elevation and BH4 depletion, is not being adequately downregulated by these multiagent protocols.
Consisting of a pair of lines usually rhymed the couplet has historically been used to great effect.
And in two hours there's only one (literally) cheesy couplet.
JUNCTION CITY - The public may meet and share ideas with members of the International Society of Community and Regional Planners regarding how to keep a healthy downtown here after the planned split of its main drag - Highway 99 - into a couplet of one-way streets from 1 p.
I know people who can't stay awake that long, to say nothing of standing on a stage and coming up with couplet after rhyming couplet