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Synonyms for couple

husband and wife

couple something to something


  • link to
  • connect to
  • pair with
  • unite with
  • join to
  • hitch to
  • buckle to
  • clasp to
  • yoke to
  • conjoin to

couple something with something


  • combine with
  • accompany by
  • mix with
  • join with
  • unite with
  • compound with
  • amalgamate with
  • incorporate with
  • link with

Synonyms for couple

two items of the same kind together

two persons united, as by marriage

to join one thing to another

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to engage in sexual relations with

Synonyms for couple

a pair who associate with one another

a pair of people who live together

a small indefinite number

(physics) something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines

bring two objects, ideas, or people together

link together

Related Words

form a pair or pairs

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However, marriage is no longer the chief defining basis of coupledom.
This is the time of year when those in mainly contented coupledom often venture out for a night of merriment with their single friends.
So, now, four years later, I renew my rhetoric and pledge to reform the Congress of our coupledom, while you survey the political landscape, looking for liberty and freedom and, perhaps, justice for all.
Her angular, draped body complements his rather squat and unkempt one, so that the ethereal and the real seem to merge in their coupledom.
So while this survey concludes that being content in coupledom leads to weight gain, perhaps it doesn't place enough emphasis on the fact that women crash diet before they get married and as a result seriously affect the body's metabolic system.
This can include further coupledom incentives like the bridal bouquet, wedding cake and bubbly.
He speaks about a friendship with George that flourished only in recent years--tells us how the two of them and their wives had traveled together to wherever they were performing in a play they'd written together, and of how close the two couples had become, and I'm thinking, Well it's been a long time coming, America, but there on the pulpit is Norman Mailer speaking as a husband in praise of coupledom.
eC[yen]But for dedicated singletons not willing to submit to a life of coupledom in the name of sanity, there are other ways to reduce your risk of dementia that doneCOt involve popping the question and running up the aisle.
They resumed their coupledom in such placidity that both forgot about the rift, about everything but the growing arrival, whose urgency they both felt in her belly.
In a frequently quoted essay in BC Book-world (Spring 2001), she said: "To be forced back into the heterosexual cage of coupledom is not a step forward but a step back into state-imposed definitons of relationship.
The quirkyalones are not anti-love, just against contrived notions of coupledom, according to their creed.
Mica Paris and Lisa Butcher meet single men desperate to be in relationships and, by transforming their style, hope to set them on the path to coupledom.
Mica paris and Lisa Butcher meet single men desperate to be in relationship and, by transforming their style, hope to set them on the path of coupledom.
This leaves us to create our own unique relationship maps, because chances are that our voyage through coupledom will look nothing like that of our parents or our neighbors or even our best friends.
The members of Congress who proposed, and then passed, this act were defending marriage from the already looming demand that it be redefined to include homosexual coupledom.