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Gale conferred with the commander of the 6th Airlanding Brigade, Brigadier Hugh Kindersley, and developed a concept for a coup de main assault by a glider force.
mais les peres, les partenaires et toutes les personnes qui leur donnent un coup de main pendant cette periode excitante de la vie y trouveront beaucoup d'informations utiles.
He arrived as back-up at Pegasus Bridge, several hours after it had been taken from the Germans in a coup de main operation.
The event will commemorate the D-Day Coup de Main where the antecedent Regiment of The Rifles, the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry captured the bridges at Ouistreham more popularly known and immortalised as Pegasus Bridge.
After the Allied liberation of Paris, the Japanese felt they could no longer trust the French, so they staged a coup de main on March 9, 1945.
While the word is French, the past-time is international and there are many varieties: a coup d'etat is when a small group overthrow an existing government; coup de grace, when you end the suffering of a mortally wounded person, usually by removing his head from his body; coup de theatre - a sensational turn of events; and coup de main, a sudden forceful manual attack as favoured by Mike Tyson.
This is a remarkable honour, to be awarded this decoration, and I would like to share it with the other surviving members of the (Pegasus Bridge) coup de main operation.
To the fury of Washington and I slamabad, in a coup de main the Russians rushed the Northern Alliance into Kabul, in direct contravention of Bush's dictates.
S hit-and-run spoof Gap posters are not as conspicuous a coup de main as one might wish: they look a bit too much like the Gap's own ads, user-friendly and generically white--"Samantha, pink panther, wears an antiviolence whistle.
Par ailleurs il a souligne le coup de main de la Russie dans le domaine du tourisme.
Le camarade Zorgani etait un homme genereux qui n'hesitait pas a donner un coup de main aux camarades etudiants puisqu'il en a heberge certains et aide d'autres a trouver des petits boulots pour financer leurs etudes.
Je lui ai ecrit que si le RCT pouvait donner un coup de main au rugby algerien, ce serait volontiers et on organiserait un match devant Toulon a cet effet.
I have long wanted to know the full story of a wartime incident in 1916 when Lord Londonderry's Coup de Main was supposedly killed by a German bomb dropped minutes before the running of the Newmarket Cup.
Il a indique qu'il avait ete charge par le vice-president du gouvernement de consensus libyen de solliciter un coup de main de la part du gouvernement tunisien voire son intervention pour le reglement du conflit qui agite les Libyens [beaucoup moins que]Nous voulons des initiatives de reconciliation entre les deux parlements libyens rivaux[beaucoup plus grand que], a explique le responsable, faisant remarquer, dans le meme cadre, que la Tunisie et l'Algerie ont, aujourd'hui, la priorite pour lancer des initiatives de reconciliation en Libye sachant que l'instabilite en Libye a un cout pour ces deux pays.
Enfin, costumier c'est beaucoup dire ; car en raison des moyens notamment, ma contribution ou plutot mon coup de main se limitait souvent a echanger les vetements des acteurs, deshabiller l'un pour habiller l'autre, afin que les habits s'accordent aux roles[beaucoup plus grand que].