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This article focuses on a coup de main scenario over one week and does not necessarily deny Russia the ability to make further advances during a prolonged campaign.
Gale conferred with the commander of the 6th Airlanding Brigade, Brigadier Hugh Kindersley, and developed a concept for a coup de main assault by a glider force.
Kilmurray's fulfillment in that experience led her to establish Un Coup De Main ("a hand up" in French), in which she and Salt Lake Community College students help organize, decorate and repair homes for single parents.
Certainly, the Pakistani effort to capture J& K through a coup de main in 1947 is something authors, including Schaffer, steer clear of.
mais les peres, les partenaires et toutes les personnes qui leur donnent un coup de main pendant cette periode excitante de la vie y trouveront beaucoup d'informations utiles.
He arrived as back-up at Pegasus Bridge, several hours after it had been taken from the Germans in a coup de main operation.
The event will commemorate the D-Day Coup de Main where the antecedent Regiment of The Rifles, the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry captured the bridges at Ouistreham more popularly known and immortalised as Pegasus Bridge.
After the Allied liberation of Paris, the Japanese felt they could no longer trust the French, so they staged a coup de main on March 9, 1945.
While the word is French, the past-time is international and there are many varieties: a coup d'etat is when a small group overthrow an existing government; coup de grace, when you end the suffering of a mortally wounded person, usually by removing his head from his body; coup de theatre - a sensational turn of events; and coup de main, a sudden forceful manual attack as favoured by Mike Tyson.
'This is a remarkable honour, to be awarded this decoration, and I would like to share it with the other surviving members of the (Pegasus Bridge) coup de main operation.' Kenneth Watson, aged 80, from Hull served with the 12th Ordnance Beach Detachment.
To the fury of Washington and I slamabad, in a coup de main the Russians rushed the Northern Alliance into Kabul, in direct contravention of Bush's dictates."
In this context, DAM!'S hit-and-run spoof Gap posters are not as conspicuous a coup de main as one might wish: they look a bit too much like the Gap's own ads, user-friendly and generically white--"Samantha, pink panther, wears an antiviolence whistle." In the end, these unshocking images look like the Gap's gay ghetto, and act as a further enticement to their own target audience to patronize a store that has yet to feature lesbians (or the sort of lesbianism that DAM!
Under the command of Major John Howard, a force of 180 landed in giant Horsa gliders ( known as flying coffins ( at precisely 16 minutes past midnight in a "coup de main" operation.
Coup de Main, a half-brother to 2,000 Guineas runner-up Corcyra and champion two-year-old filly Benevente, ran his last race in October 1915 and, according to the Stud Book, died the following year.