coup de grace

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Synonyms for coup de grace

final blow


Synonyms for coup de grace

the blow that kills (usually mercifully)

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Yet while this might look like the time for businesses to cast off the shackles that they've been burdened with for the last few years and start to look to make up the ground they've lost in that time, the dangers of the unexpected coup de grace are far from over, and indeed might even be more clear and present.
The coup de grace however was saved for the hiving off, of the neonatal care units to England.
The coup de grace for La Toya, who gets a 15 percent commission on each deal, will be a reality TV show deal that she's negotiating; whose bidding has approached 10 million dollars.
Every story repays close and careful reading and rereading, but special attention should be given to "A Fine Magic," which matches a dark tale of magical revenge with a slyly sardonic narrator, and the collection's coup de grace, "Catastrophic Disruption of the Head," which draws out all of the perversity and ambiguity of Andersen's "The Tinderbox" into what is likely to be one of the finest pieces of writing of the year.
Une recette qui a failli fonctionner face au Mali avant le coup de grace donne par Keita.
He delivered the coup de grace moments later, a lofted return forcing Raonic to smash a drive volley into the net after two hours, eight minutes to complete a final set 'bagel'.
LINGFIELD: 2.00 Song Of Joy, 2.30 Coup De Grace, 3.00 Purple 'n Gold, 3.30 News Show, 4.00 Old Boy Ted, 4.30 Buy Art, 5.00 Bay Laurel, 5.30 Ginger Monkey.
Kevin Davies scored a late consolation for Bolton before Louis Saha applied the coup de grace, beating Bogdan from 25 yards with the final kick of the game.
10, Scotland coach Andy Robinson has made it clear he hopes to use a running approach to move Argentina's pack around before issuing the coup de grace through his backs.
The coup de grace has been the devasting explosion at the Mari naval base with the simultaneous destruction of the island's primary power station.
IF Widnes Vikings aren't awarded a Super League licence when the announcement is made next week then it will be time for the men in white coats to visit the Rugby Football League's headquarters to administer a long overdue coup de grace.
By threatening the Libyan protesters demanding Gaddafi's ouster with civil war, Seif al-Islam has fired the coup de grace against his father's regime, Saudi columnist Daoud al-Shiryan said.
NNA - MP Atef Majdalani of the March 14 parliamentarian bloc eulogized Doha agreement when he described the resignation of rival cabinet ministers of the March 8 bloc as a coup de grace to the Doha accord.
The Tarangam is the coup de grace ( as also a trying test of balance) of the classical dance form, where a dancer balances on the rim of a brass plate.