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`The first will be mazzolato, the second decapitato.' Yes," continued the count, "it was at first arranged in this way; but I think since yesterday some change has taken place in the order of the ceremony."
"No," replied the count, carelessly; "for the other (he glanced at the tablets as if to recall the name), for Peppino, called Rocca Priori.
"Really, count," replied Franz, "one would think that you had studied the different tortures of all the nations of the world."
"There are, at least, few that I have not seen," said the count coldly.
"Listen," said the count, and deep hatred mounted to his face, as the blood would to the face of any other.
"You have but to slip your hand in the count's coat pocket and you will see that the accusation is quite serious," insisted the accuser.
"It is unnecessary to search the count. The cards are in his pocket.
The count went dead white, and then very slowly he withdrew his hand, and in it were three cards.
"Gentlemen," he continued, "monsieur le count did not know that those cards were in his pocket.
Tarzan smiled, and then, bowing to the count, handed him his own card.
"And if Count Fosco must divide murderers into classes, I think he has been very unfortunate in his choice of expressions.
"My dear lady," said the Count, "those are admirable sentiments, and I have seen them stated at the tops of copy-books." He lifted one of the white mice in the palm of his hand, and spoke to it in his whimsical way.
"It is easy to turn everything into ridicule," said Laura resolutely; "but you will not find it quite so easy, Count Fosco, to give me an instance of a wise man who has been a great criminal."
The Count shrugged his huge shoulders, and smiled on Laura in the friendliest manner.
Sir Percival burst out laughing, so violently, so outrageously, that he quite startled us all--the Count more than any of us.