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Synonyms for countryfolk

people living in the same country

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people raised in or living in a rural environment

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But to say that townspeople cannot have an opinion on the issue is as crazy as saying that countryfolk have no right to comment on the state of the car industry or the latest city architecture.
He became a hero to his countryfolk before his single-minded determination to stick to his plans alienated him from his allies.
City dwellers are 21 per cent more likely to develop anxiety, and 39 per cent more likely to have a mood disorder like depression than countryfolk, according to the Arkin Institute for Mental Health in Amsterdam.
Though most members of the entourage said they paid their way, one invited entertainer said it would be 'foolish' for those invited to spend their own money to entertain their countryfolk during the President's visit.
Ikehata questioned Ooka's dedication to the soldiers' memory because it did not take into account Filipino perspectives on the same events, and the fact that both peoples lost a large number of their countryfolk. Ooka accepted her criticism and greatly revised his draft.
Hunting in central and, certainly, eastern Europe was more open to the countryfolk, where many villages had designated hunters to supply the markets with the forest's bounty, from hare to stag to wild boar, as well as grouse, partridge, and, even, songbirds.
The immediate touchstone for these performers is the Professionals, a team of Freetown comedians who lampooned countryfolk, ethnic feuds and political corruption through hugely popular radio and stage plays in the 1980s and early 1990s, popularizing the style of painted beards and inept elders through characters such as 'Lord Bongo' and 'Dandongo' (see Michels 2010).
Nowadays in Sweden, spelling is more phonetic and unambiguous for non-Swedish speakers, but too late for my emigrant grandfather and his adopted countryfolk. That small point has shaped my life, made me feel different, be accountable for who I am, encouraged me to be interested in the unusual, to be more tolerant than I otherwise might have been, querulous, and for the past to inform my future.
The duo's sound is pure hillbilly countryfolk which should resonate perfectly in the wooden surroundings at the venue.
After the expert performs his/ her magic, the patient is presented as displaying the opposite characteristics; the restored social relationship are especially underlined in the texts: "I'll dress you in a smock of love/ I'll gird you with a belt of passion (...)/ May you be kissed by all villagers./ by all townspeople/ by all countryfolk" (charm published in 1934, apud Golopentia 2001: 137).
Peace and quiet is the most important thing for countryfolk while convenience is king for city slickers.
These include two of this year's BBC Horizons artists, Connah Evans and Castles as well as bilingual countryfolk artist SERA, Wrexham's Baby Brave, and top Welsh bands Calfari and Y Moniars.