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In the country-bred, greyhound of Ch Naseer Ahmad stood first, while greyhounds of Kala Khan of Sialkot and Ch Manzar Basher got the second and third positions respectively.
In another category of country-bred contest, greyhound of Ch Javed from Islamabad got the first position while greyhounds of Dr Haroon Zaman from Faisalabad and Hajji Hayat stood the second and third respectively.
Udolpho, too, can be described as a novel about a genteel, principled, country-bred young lady's introduction to society, one that recounts the vicissitudes of courtship that the heroine endures before she is safely united to the handsome, worthy young man whom she has loved since the first volume.
Sir, - Country or country-bred people often prefer being self-sufficient to purchasing all their daily requirements - whether it be firewood for fuel, mushrooms or mussels, watercress or woodcock; potatoes or partridge, vegetables or venison - they are all crops to be harvested.
In Pinon's fictional hinterland, then, giving vent to one's imagination by figmenting illusions and banking on chimeric luck are effective tools the country-bred folk use to subvert a drab reality that "matava mais que o coracao obstruido pela gordura e pela vida sedentaria" and, for the children, an essential channel to muster knowledge of the world and its wonders.
And in this context one should always remember that he was finally a real live country-bred New Englander and not a smooth, deracinated inhabitant of the east coast.
Undoubtedly, bay Big Bravo is the best country-bred horse, produced during the last decade.
Leaving behind her rough, country-bred mom, do Yeon-sun (Go Du-shim), Na-yeong sets off in search of him in her parents' village, on an island where her mom was once a diving girl.
The gentlemen owners who spent big amounts of money to import horses to resume the race rightly deserve praise for their magnificent contribution to uplift the standard of racing which will help improve quality of country-bred thorough-bred.
According to organisers, as many as 100 imported and country-bred greyhounds are participating in this championship.
A 30-year-old woman drops her life in Paris to buy a goat farm from a solitary curmudgeon in the French Alps in "One Swallow Brought Spring." Thoughtfully made and solidly played two-hander covers a lot of thematic ground without pushing the pace or forcing the mood as it etches convincing, interwoven portraits of a city-bred woman and a country-bred man, with their respective skills, convictions and insecurities in the face of life, nature and mortality.
What makes the programme unique is that it combines two events for country-bred thoroughbreds and one for imported thoroughbreds, the Makhdumzada Syed Hasan Mahmud Memorial New Year Cup, a semi-classic event offering a dazzling show of power by the three-year-old country-bred thoroughbreds over the sprinting distance of 1,000 metres.
Completing his theological studies in a richly appointed Islamic seminary in Teheran, country-bred Seyyed Hassan hesitates to don the turban and robes that would make him a mullah.
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