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people living in the same country


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people raised in or living in a rural environment

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Either through thrift, or through sheer poverty, the country people starve themselves; any illness among them is caused in this way, and as a rule they enjoy very fair health.
They were all poor country people in the church, for the castle in which the old family had lived, was an empty ruin, and there were none but humble folks for seven miles around.
I understand you, Seignior Inglese, I understand you; but Seignior Chinese understood you his own way."--"Well," says I, "do you think it would stand out an army of our country people, with a good train of artillery; or our engineers, with two companies of miners?
We struck it mighty lucky; there was going to be a circus there that afternoon, and the country people was already beginning to come in, in all kinds of old shackly wagons, and on horses.
"You saved her from the elephant country people, and yet you say you do not know her!" she exclaimed.
The same demand was partly satisfied also by the rude country folk-plays, survivals of primitive heathen ceremonials, performed at such festival occasions as the harvest season, which in all lands continue to flourish among the country people long after their original meaning has been forgotten.
IT WAS EARLY evening of a day in, the late fall and the Winesburg County Fair had brought crowds of country people into town.
He must know Adam, and might tell him where she was gone, for it is difficult to country people to believe that those who make a figure in their own parish are not known everywhere else, and it was equally difficult to Hetty to understand that chance words could happen to apply closely to her circumstances.
They told me one night that there was brought into the prison late the night before three highwaymen, who had committed robbery somewhere on the road to Windsor, Hounslow Heath, I think it was, and were pursued to Uxbridge by the country, and were taken there after a gallant resistance, in which I know not how many of the country people were wounded, and some killed.
The painful issue to be highlighted is that in our country people are free to do anything at their will, even killing the people publicly.
'I will march on Saturday June 8 from ATS to SKD Sports Complex alongside the Assembly of Country People and their Allies...,' Fahngon continues.
In an interview with 'media' he stated that country people had expressed full confidence on PTI in the last held general election and now government is trying it best to put country on the path of prosperity and development.
I would like to analyze the causes of unemployment,The main cause is that we are not certain about our goals,In the developed countries every person is clear about their goal in life.In our country people have no clear planning about their aims and the other reason behind the unemployment is the pace of economic growth which is not sufficient to create more opportunities for employment.Therefore,The government need very serious and sincere action and ideas to control unemployment in our country so that it must not later create violence in the country.
05 (ANI): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has wished his country people lots of luck for the much awaited 90th Academy Awards, which are underway in Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.
It is inadmissible that in a democratic country people cannot vote."
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