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a doctor who practices in the country (rather than in a city) usually remote from a modern hospital

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The significance of the case reportedly was recognized by a country doctor, who was ignored.
I suppose no nobility is found in these inexpensive firearms but they and their owners have a great deal in common with you and the country doctor. Both of you treat these different patients and in each case the disease is different.
In 1947 a country doctor is called to the house where his mother used to work as a maid.
After a successful run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival that saw them scoop up excellent reviews, Noctium Theatre now head back to the Belgrade with their latest work - the follow-up to their warmly received debut, The Country Doctor.
In the adaptation of the Sarah Walters best-selling novel of the same name, a country doctor makes a call to Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked, only to find out how closely his family's story is intertwined with the current residents.
His father was a country doctor who moved his family every year or so from one oil-boom town to the next until 1919, when he set up his practice in Cross Plains.
Can a country doctor alter the fate of his patients?
And yet, through her relationship with a country doctor who supports and advocates for her, and the gentle boy who loves her despite her abnormality, Jane emerges as the member of her family who experiences the truest forms of love and connection.
Sylvanian Families Country Doctor gift set, PS30, Smyths Toys
The Country Doctor's Choice is a dramatic novel presented in large print format for ease of reading.
The kind of chaos one can expect with the Doctor films soon ensues as his quest to become a surgeon upsets Sir Lancelot Spratt, and he has an altercation with a country doctor and his beautiful, much younger wife.
Nothing more than an axiom: the wife of a country doctor gets caught up in two love affairs, brings her husband to ruin, kills herself.
He seemed more like an urbane kind of estate agent or country doctor than someone who filmed rock stars.
Mike, the country doctor with a city education," he specializes in presenting complex health topics - be it diabetes, migraines, or food sensitivity - in a clear, conversational manner.
* The Country Doctor Revisited: A Twenty-first Century Reader.