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Synonyms for country

Synonyms for country

an organized geopolitical unit

a particular area used for or associated with a specific individual or activity

a rural area

of or relating to the countryside

Synonyms for country

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To the westward the view extended over an immense level plain as far as the Mount, at Monte Video, and to the eastward, over the mammillated country of Maldonado.
[3] We see nearly the whole of Australia covered by lofty trees, yet that country possesses a far more arid climate.
The governor, unwilling to make a breach, or to have any cause of war alleged to be given by him, the Czar having strictly charged him to treat the conquered country with gentleness, gave them all the good words he could.
We furnished ourselves with some tents here, for the better accommodating ourselves in the night; and the leader of the caravan procured sixteen waggons of the country, for carrying our water or provisions, and these carriages were our defence every night round our little camp; so that had the Tartars appeared, unless they had been very numerous indeed, they would not have been able to hurt us.
Our young man of position was like the son of a royal house; the boy who swept out his office or drove his delivery wagon might frolic with the jolly country girls, but he himself must sit all evening in a plush parlour where conversation dragged so perceptibly that the father often came in and made blundering efforts to warm up the atmosphere.
The Vannis' tent brought the town boys and the country girls together on neutral ground.
But that gentleman," looking at Darcy, "seemed to think the country was nothing at all."
He only meant that there was not such a variety of people to be met with in the country as in the town, which you must acknowledge to be true."
I suppose every country has some drawbacks, so even this almost perfect fairyland could not be quite perfect.
For some time Ozma had ruled over this fair country, and never was Ruler more popular or beloved.
I don't mean a flat country; but a vale--that is, a flat country bounded by hills.
It is altogether a place that you won't forget, a place to open a man's soul, and make him prophesy, as he looks down on that great Vale spread out as the garden of the Lord before him, and wave on wave of the mysterious downs behind, and to the right and left the chalk hills running away into the distance, along which he can trace for miles the old Roman road, "the Ridgeway" ("the Rudge," as the country folk call it), keeping straight along the highest back of the hills--such a place as Balak brought Balaam to, and told him to prophesy against the people in the valley beneath.
No more of the Munchkin Country for these patches--and no more of the Crooked Magician!"
"Not only that," he declared, "but the secrets of which he was robbed have gone to the one country interested in the knowledge of them."
When I gave that free censure of the country and its inhabitants, he made no further answer than by telling me, "that I had not been long enough among them to form a judgment; and that the different nations of the world had different customs;" with other common topics to the same purpose.
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