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Synonyms for countrified

Synonyms for countrified

characteristic of rural life

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The new album has been recorded with Hannah Rickard, who played on Status Quo's acoustic tour and is quite ''countrified''.
"I probably won't do full songs because it then becomes a concert, but I may do snippets of songs and show how they were written." The new album has been recorded with Hannah Rickard, who played on Status Quo's acoustic tour and is quite ''countrified''.
It's probably the case since Coeli's compositions, as presented in her debut EP, do not have the heady electronica nor the countrified hillybilly stomp of the Western model of 'experimental folk.'
There will be a DJ on hand throughout the day to set the tone with some suitably countrified sounds.
Also notable are her countrified spin on 'Away in a Manger,' the soaring 'Go Tell It On the Mountain' and the ineluctably rendered traditional ditty, 'Huron Carol.'
BREAK WITH TRADITION TWEEDS and woollens return pretty much every winter without fail, but this season it's all about how you style these countrified fabrics.
I'm now using some of the seeds for my spring garden while the rest are saved in the vault to prepare for long-term disasters," Countrified Hicks added.
"In 1959 they bought a modest semi in Maghull, having decided that a move to a more 'countrified' area would be a better way of life.
And Salway has decorated with a countrified mix of Craigslist finds (a brass bed, a pair of albino leather sofas), furniture and art she got from clients (a dining table, 19th-century portrait paintings) and items found in antiques stores (ceramic plates of the 50 states).
I'd probably say it's also a bit more countrified, like having better air quality.
With the release of Keep A Fire, Rheaume once again proves she's up to the challenge of presenting a fresh take on countrified folk.
Considering how many have been affected by cancer, either directly or through family and friends, this is big stuff The turnout reflected the connection the local community feels to the cause, with more than 400 showing up in all states of countrified for the event.
The crackling vocals to the countrified Where Jemima Goes was one of many highlights from the set.
First, Irma Vep - the solo work of Sex Hands guitarist Edwin Stevens - was a mix of elongated, drawn out drones and countrified Velvet Underground scuzz.