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Synonyms for countrified

Synonyms for countrified

characteristic of rural life

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The result is a surprisingly coherent collection that showcases these talents and allows her to show off a little more with a couple of cabaret-structured tunes ("Twisted by Life" is the standout) countrified with the addition of fiddles and banjos.
However, these tasteful smoochathons and countrified pinings are adequate enough but too nondescript for her to truly excel.
PERNICE BROTHERS Goodbye, Killer (Ashmont) COUNTRIFIED jangle-pop meets indie rock in Joe Pernice's first full band album in four years, and it's a summery delight.
They really took the crowd with them and there were contrasting countrified sounds from THE DAVE MOSLEY BAND - a cracking, crackling voice and splendid tunes from this flourishing Moses/Mercedes hybrid.
US songstress whose brand of pop comes with a surprisingly countrified crash, bang, wallop.
He'd come back with a parcel wrapped in newspaper and a bottle of pop and then drive out of the town and pull up somewhere countrified.
The countrified blues of his third album, Cautionary Tales, has the potential to push Rees higher up the pecking order than his mid-afternoon set on the third stage at Green Man Festival a fortnight ago - but he expects nothing.
The pace of life in Kuala Terengganu, the state capital, and all the towns and villages, is countrified and unhurried.
She couples nicely with Elder's Gabey, an actor who brings a countrified ``Gee, shucks'' air into his manner and songs alike.
Several of Sheridan's creations continue to defend their positions among the great comic characters of English-language theater--choleric windbag Sir Anthony Absolute; idiotic romantic idealist Lydia Languish; buffoonish, countrified coward Bob Acres; lovelorn worrywart Faulkland; and, perhaps most of all, Mrs.
A countrified Dirty Old Town sounds far fresher and it's great to hear relentless old hell-raiser Bottle of Smoke and melancholy ballads such as A Rainy Night In Soho.
This go-round it's the countrified "Birds" ("How come birds / Don't fall from the sky when they die?
Trendwise, the Madrid show continued its focus on rustic, countrified home furnishings with multicultural origins ranging from Mexico to the Orient.
The product of a broken home, Zambia finds life with her cousin Aretha and her kindly but old-fashioned Aunt Limo and Uncle Lamar in their "itsy-bitsy, countrified, do-nothing" town of Deacons Neck to be the epitome of deadly dull existence (1).