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Synonyms for country

Synonyms for country

an organized geopolitical unit

a particular area used for or associated with a specific individual or activity

a rural area

of or relating to the countryside

Synonyms for country

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On August 30, 2003, a World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Geneva, Switzerland adopted new rules on exporting generic copies of patented drugs to poor countries. The WTO and some of its trade delegates presented these rules as a grand humanitarian solution that will now make AIDS and other medicines more available to the poor.
* The level of remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean exceeds all foreign aid to the region combined, and is equal to a third of all foreign direct investments to countries.
Regarding the role of real estate, the report states: "The availability of modern real estate--whether for offices, retail or industrial--is a catalyst to attract businesses to these emerging countries. Where space of the right quality is not available, economic development will be slowed."
Most simply put, Linux allows users to do more with less, an absolute requirement in countries that can't always afford the biggest and fastest.
The old Republican Congress passed legislation to punish countries that did not sign on the dotted line, even when doing so undermined other foreign policy goals.
Today Ecuador must devote nearly 50 percent of its national budget simply to paying off its debts." Note that the donor countries dictate which companies will build the projects in the receiving countries, thereby transferring the bulk of the foreign-aid money to well-connected business elites from the donor countries.
But the birth dearth is far from universal, and some of the world's poorest (such as Niger) and most populous (like India) countries are still experiencing rapid population growth, enough to make it likely that, according to the United Nations' median projection, the world (now at 6.5 billion people) will have at least nine billion as early as 2050.
The enormous desert shared by Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and other countries: -- *
The same might be said though to a lesser degree of a number of other Asian and European countries such as the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Korea, and Poland.
Represented private-sector interests during Peru's free trade negotiations with various countries.
Third World countries should have the right to make their own rules about what economic and trade policies are appropriate for them.
Jeffrey Sachs has spent twenty years investigating why some countries are poor and others extremely well off.
In March 1998, the Czech Republic, along with the other nine countries of the former Soviet bloc, started negotiations for entry into the European Union.
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Bank, and the European Commission have conducted reviews of the career guidance policies and practices in 37 countries. The 37 country studies, together with the 3 synthesis reports and a number of other commissioned papers, constitute the largest database on career guidance policies that has ever been collected.
While China has dominated the focus throughout the last few years, many other countries, for better or worse, are affecting the U.S.