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Synonyms for penny

Synonyms for penny

a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit


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Bet he was counting the pennies rather than laughing all the way to the bank.
It just felt like that even after winning the Champions League trophy for the fifth time, we were still counting the pennies. Where is the major investment we were told we were getting?
But Matt, Jon Ansell, Michael Christie and Ben Thapa are unlikely to be counting the pennies now their efforts have gained album chart success.
But their parents will soon be counting the pennies.
After years of counting the pennies as a student, he would like to see income tax come down even if it was at the expense of an increase in indirect taxation.
Those of us who are still counting the pennies will be heading to Penneys where you can be in full bloom in floral patterns and cool in ice-cream shades for tiny prices.
Even Hollywood is counting the pennies in the recession.
A survey has found most of us are carefully counting the pennies when we go shopping.
Despite the economic crisis that has seen everybody tightening purse strings and belts and counting the pennies, it's not all doom and gloom.
This Christmas, when we could be counting the pennies as recession takes hold, packages based on these markets are great value - as leading bus and coach operators such as National Express aim for a slice of the action.
HW partner, Steven Richardson, said: "We thought by creating a chain of money with all of our accountants counting the pennies it would not only raise money but raise a smile with our colleagues by getting them involved and having some fun.
"It's terribly difficult when you give up work and you have got to start counting the pennies when you have done your duty by the country and you have been a sober, hard-working and responsible citizen."