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Usually, you just want the greatest variety of species, but today's goal is also to get as accurate a counting of each species as possible, because it's a statistical study,'' Coler said.
The only rules of fish counting are that divers only count fish they can positively identify and that they stay within a 100-meter radius of their diving point.
The counting process includes verifying every absentee voter's signature by comparing it to voter registration signatures, opening the envelope, removing the ballot out of a secrecy envelope and then counting the votes.
A PARADISE OF INFINITIES At first glance, it might seem obvious that the real numbers form a bigger infinity than the counting numbers do.
For evaluating different options, the expression n for the statistical (type A) relative uncertainty of one standard deviation, where n is the number of counts accumulated in the measurement of an x-ray peak intensity, can be used to evaluate either the counting time required to obtain a given uncertainty or the uncertainty obtainable for a given counting time, assuming the count-rate is known.
The best the justices in the majority can offer is this, in Scalia's concurrence to the initial stay of the recounts: "The counting of votes that are of questionable legality does in my view threaten irreparable harm to petitioner, and to the country, by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election.
Though many stillbirths remain unexplained, medical research supports daily fetal Kick Counting as an effective and reliable way to screen fetal well-being during the third trimester.
A coot may tally the eggs in her nest, a rare example of an animal counting in the wild, suggests a new study.
This paper discusses the collection and counting of the emitted x rays, which are diffracted into the gas flow or sealed proportional x-ray detectors.
Cycle counting is cited as being more accurate; the amount of inventory counted at a given time is smaller (e.
introduces new AutoCount(TM) automated counting systems for faster and more accurate counting of a conveyorized stream of fresh or frozen poultry and meat items for boxing or bagging.
The Christmas Bird Count began on Christmas Day 1900, when a small group of conservationists began counting the birds they saw - as opposed to the traditional holiday activity of hunting the birds.
For the past century, researchers have noted that people can quickly and accurately report the number of a small set of items -- up to about four -- without explicitly counting them.
The AEAT-84AD-LBSF0 with 14-bit resolution is capable of counting up to 16,384 motor shaft revolutions.