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Synonyms for counterweight

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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[4] showed that ambitious NVH targets can be met without a balance shaft, which helped further reduce weight, cost, and friction with the use of an intelligent arrangement of counterweights.
Countries with strong and abundant anticorruption counterweights also tend to have higher levels of trust.
To study the relationship between the fundamental frequency and pre-stress value of pre-stressed concrete beams, this paper adopted the hammering method to excite concrete beams under different pre-stress values, eccentricities and counterweights based on two kinds of methods including experiments and numerical simulation, processed and analyzed the collected mid-span acceleration of beams to quantitatively analyze the relationship between the fundamental frequency of beams and pre-stress.
The equatorial head weighs in at 54 pounds, including the counterweight shaft.
All three machines have been designed for ease of maintenance, with greasing intervals of 500 hours, and - thanks to the swing-out counterweights - ease of access for operators to the service points.
The new model also sports a longer boom, which increases reach and enables lifters to complete a wider variety of applications, Manitowoc said, adding that the crane is also stronger, with best-in-class load charts for all counterweight configurations.
The span weighs 2.4 tons and it was raised silently to the top of the towers thanks to counterweights triggered off by two electric motors.
The BRON 150P sideboom weighs 35,000/37,000 pounds fully loaded with side boom and counterweights, with a maximum overall length of 133.5 inches, outside track width of 110 inches, the BRON 150P is easy to load and unload in even the toughest on-site conditions.
So when the company, which manufactures a mix of gray iron counterweights and engineered castings, decided it needed to upgrade its melting systems to meet tightening environmental demands, Norton performed a careful analysis.
This kit contains clips and counterweights that, when placed at the right point on a blade, will stop the wobble.
The minor bad news was that the unit came with four tone arm counterweights and I had only two, plus the instruction manual was missing.
Key Plastics (Northville, MI) calls it "Intellitouch." It does away with all of the rods, cables, counterweights, and springs of mechanical door handle units, and replaces them with a simple, drop-in electronic unit that doesn't move.
of Cary, N.C., markets a dynamic balancing system that uses sensors and magnetically actuated counterweights to reduce vibration by actively balancing a spinning shaft.
The company's engineers created a special mold to allow the cores of the counterweights to move inward.