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Synonyms for counterweight

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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Most college theatres have motorized rigging systems, because "college students are often not trained well enough to safely operate manual counterweight rigging systems," said veteran Broadway technical consultant Fred Gallo, president of PRG Scenic Technologies (Production Resource Group STNY).
The arms or pins of the sear assembly sit on and over the top of the sear block (#24) and counterweight pivot pin (#25).
Because you can image past the meridian, and pre-flip the mount, the counterweight shaft can be positioned higher than the scope itself.
After counterweight rigging was first introduced to the United States in the Chicago Auditorium in 1889, it was adopted by the Chicago scenic studios and installed into masonic theaters as early as 1904.
The heavier counterweight option is ideal for contractors looking for a more powerful lifting machine.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Iranian parliament on Saturday underlined the necessity to activate the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as a counterweight to superpowers and their aggressive policies against independent states.
The increased lifting capacity for the PL83 and PL87 results from undercarriage and counterweight changes.
In a fuel cell unit, the unit incorporates many separate components, including a hydrogen tank, a fuel cell stack, and steel counterweight.
At the height of the company's counterweight production, about 50% of the products went to forklift manufacturers and the rest went to construction and mining OEMs.
EQUATIONS * Kinetic Energy of Pumpkin = 1/2 x Pumpkin Mass x Initial Velocity (Joules) (kilograms) (meters/second) Potential Energy of Counterweight = Counterweight Mass x Acceleration (Joules) (kg) Due to Gravity (9.
Shephard advised this company that by adding extra counterweight to the existing chassis it could get bigger lift trucks out of the existing fleet and maybe a few more years of use out of them before having to buy new ones.
Once enough grain filled the hopper, the counterweight allowed the hopper to dump the grain into the auger that move the grain to the wagon or truck.
An integrated counterweight adjusts to any bore diameter through a separate scale for high-speed operation.
But when Jason leapt, he was hoisted into a net - and Myleene was told she could only get him down by showering to release a counterweight.