countervailing duty

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a duty imposed to offset subsidies by foreign governments

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Normally countervailing duty is imposed on products that receive subsidy during manufacturing in the country of origin.
The European Union way back in 2010 had imposed a crippling countervailing duty on Pakistan's PET.
industry filed dumping and countervailing duty petitions.
(1) Approximately a century later, in 1890, Congress adopted Hamilton's idea by enacting the first countervailing duty legislation in the world (2) to offset subsidies conferred by several continental European countries on the exportation of beet sugar.
Now, budget has imposed 12 per cent Countervailing Duty ( CVD ) plus Education Cess (3 per cent of CVD ) on garment exports to India from Bangladesh which will provide buffer to domestic industry, he said.
The petition documents antidumping and countervailing duty margins in excess of 300 percent.
Jariwala further said that the Finance minister has reduced basic customs duty on raw materials for manufacturing of adult diapers from 10% and 7.5% to 5% with countervailing duty of 6% and special countervailing duty has been withdrawn.
In a bid to encourage the nascent maintenance, repair and overhaul ( MRO) sector, it also proposed to allow full exemption from customs duty and countervailing duty to aircraft spares, tyres and testing equipment.
The maximum combined anti-dumping and countervailing duty calculated during the main investigation will apply (409.2 per tonne).
The Panel concludes that: (a) in respect of China's claims concerning the DOC's determinations of financial contributions in the countervailing duty investigations at issue, that:
Last month, MOFCOM also issued a final determination in a countervailing duty investigation of U.S.
The United States has officially imposed an anti dumping duty of 8% and countervailing duty of 22% on Indonesian glossy paper products of coated free sheet (CFS).
countervailing duty law to China, a nonmarket economy, by announcing a preliminary determination to impose countervailing duties (CVDs) on subsidized imports of Chinese coated free sheet paper.
Currently, there is an 8.7% countervailing duty on Canadian lumber imports and anti-dumping duties averaging about 2.1%.