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a suit brought against someone who has sued you

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In the three years before her death, White had previously contemplated suicide, the countersuit alleged, adding: "Many of the suicide notes she wrote over the years had a common theme, 'I am not for this world.
Nelly's countersuit comes after Greene's amended complaint claimed the rapper sexually assaulted (https://www.
In a statement, Pichay said he welcomes the countersuit, claiming Barbers was driven by political vendetta against him when the latter supposedly fielded candidates against the Barbers clan in Surigao Del Norte.
Mark Henry, R&A's attorney, filed to dismiss Sales Chief's defamation countersuit, saying Redman could not be punished for comments that mirrored what had been alleged in the company's lawsuit.
The countersuit might have been a standard legal maneuver, but Oregon miscalculated the response on campus.
The usual legal theory that a countersuit is premised upon is malicious prosecution, which has to satisfy the following elements: 1) original lawsuit terminated in favor of the doctor, that is, no malpractice liability found; 2) lack of probable cause; 3) malice; and 4) special injuries.
The Phnom Penh Municipal Court dismissed Mu Sochua's lawsuit last June but continued the countersuit filed against her.
In response to the countersuit, Mashreqbank said in a statement: "It is our firm opinion that the charges are completely without merit, outrageous in the extreme and really nothing more than an attempt by Algosaibi (AHAB) to divert attention away from their own responsibility in failing to perform on their obligations.
The ruling, to be followed about six months later by a decision in a countersuit brought by the EU over US support for Boeing airliners, would be a first attempt at resolving the long-running, multi-billion-pound transatlantic dispute.
Suing for fees creates a high probability of a countersuit by the CPA's client, usually alleging malpractice during the engagement.
Frontenac launched a $77 million lawsuit against the two communities over their interference in the planned exploration, and the communities have countered with a $1 billion suit against the province, charging that the Ontario government failed to consult them before granting the mining rights to Frontenac, and a $10 million countersuit against Frontenac.
Earlier this month, the retailer filed a countersuit that accused Roehm of using company-paid travel to conduct an affair with a junior executive, of accepting meals and liquor from companies competing for its advertising business, and pursuing a job with one bidder.
Goossen, in turn, filed a countersuit Wednesday in Puerto Rico against Arum and the Puerto Rico-based WBO after the governing body said it would not sanction Margarito-Williams until court proceedings were complete.
Mesa filed a countersuit charging Hawaiian with violating antitrust laws.
Once a doctor is notified of a named lawsuit, one of Doctor's Advocates' attorneys will perform the following services: contact the plaintiffs attorney and ask that the doctor be removed from the lawsuit within 30 days; pressure the plaintiffs attorney to drop the case under the threat of a countersuit; create a paper trail that notes all correspondence with the plaintiffs attorney; build evidence for a countersuit if the case is deemed frivolous; and communicate extensively with the doctor from the date of engagement to the date when the lawsuit is terminated.