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the aspect of counterintelligence designed to detect and prevent subversive activities

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In his study of the history of countersubversion in the United States from 1917 to 1948, Alex Goodall offers a definition of his subject as something engaged in by "those people who argued it was necessary to defend the political system from covert threats." (3) He considers the grand sweep of American politics and political culture as he traces "three broad stands of countersubversive politics: antiradicalism, antifascism, and anticommunism" across three decades.
We're inadvertently building up the brand"); see also David Kilcullen, Subversion and Countersubversion in the Campaign against Terrorism in Europe, 30 STUD.
Other prominent PSB missions include counternarcotics, countersubversion (political and religious, including countering nonviolent challenges to state power), and acting as antiriot shock troops.
This scene reveals the limitations of Jes Grew countersubversion. As Paul Gilroy argues, in the spirit of Foucault, any movement that attempts to maintain ontological essentialism seems subject to reproducing new power imbalances, because of its commitment to a morality.
He proceeded to his first operational assignment with the 165th MI Battalion in Frankfurt, Germany, where he performed countersubversion and counterespionage duties that involved sensitive source operations targeted against dissident groups opposed to the U.S.
"Anonymous snitches, some nursing ancient grudges, proliferated in the overheated atmosphere of the countersubversion and counterperversion purges," he reports.
According to Boukhari, who maintained the daily logs for the police's formidable countersubversion unit, Ben Barka died the night he was kidnapped while being tortured under interrogation in a villa near Paris.
"Some Themes of Countersubversion: An Analysis of Anti-Masonic, Anti-Catholic, and Anti-Mormon Literature." Mississippi Valley Historical Review 47 (September): 205-24.
The antiterrorist campaign has escalated in the past year as the forces of order, free from external regulation, engage in indiscriminate countersubversion actions.
(32) Moreover, because stateless actors often function within their target states, a durable strategy to defeat them is for nations to contain, disrupt, and dissuade the members and leaders of these groups--a strategy of "countersubversion." (33)
Frank Donner and more systematically documented government's assault on basic rights and demonstrated that more damage has been done in the name of countersubversion than the so-called subversives themselves could have ever inflicted on the Republic.
The need for counterterrorism measures not only spearheaded a renewal of domestic countersubversion operations following strong criticisms of such operations during the mid-1970s, but was also unique in effecting qualitative changes in the nature of the bureaucratic security sector itself.
The trouble with CSIS, as with Cointelpro and kindred countersubversion campaigns in countries like Germany and France, is more basic than who administers it and how.
gone with warrantless wiretaps, black-bag jobs and other previously outlawed "countersubversion" techniques made legal by Ronald Reagan?
The memoirs of the late Joan Miller, formerly personal assistant to Maxwell Knight, head of M15's countersubversion section in the 1940's, can be purchased only in the Irish Republic.