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make a counterattack

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Hamad spends more than six hours a day playing online games like 'Counterstrike' and 'League of Legends' -- he has even skipped work in the past just to carry on playing.
THE TOPIC: The Doolittle Raid marked America's decisive counterstrike against the Japanese following Pearl Harbor.
KARACHI -- In a counterstrike against Pakistan People's Party's (PPP) latest assault on former military ruler Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, his party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Sunday night said the majority party of the province was itself doing enough to destabilize the Sindh government,.
to execute the counterstrike, citing one inside source that claimed Amazon Web
My second choice of optics, which also comes from Leupold, was the Redfield Counterstrike. The VX-3 is an excellent choice for hunting, however for self-defense use the Counterstrike seems to me to be the better choice.
Samsung plans to launch a counterstrike by unveiling its new Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and bolstering its lineup of low and mid-priced products.
'Threat of counterstrike' Kiev's untested interim leaders -- who took power in February after four months of pro-European protests ousted Kremlin-backed president Viktor Yanukovych -- have struggled to meet the high-stakes challenge presented by the coordinated raids that began in the industrial hubs of Donetsk and Lugansk and have since spread to nearby coal mining towns and villages.
If the goal is to mitigate harm to a targeted system using only the amount of force necessary to protect the system from further damage, it is considered a mitigative counterstrike. The purpose of a mitigative counterstrike must be to mitigate damage from an immediate threat.
"We needed to counterstrike ourselves and get the lead out to 10 points.
It's got built-in surround sound, which is very useful for games such as CounterStrike and stealth-shooters.
COUNTERSTRIKE is a detailed account of the strategies the United States used to combat terrorist threats and actions in recent history.
The move came on the heels of Philippines Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario's accusation that China has engaged in "increasing militarization," a comment prompted by Chinese state media warning of a counterstrike. Analysts have expressed concern that the rhetoric and naval encounters could escalate into larger conflict.
Chinese state-media accused the Philippines, and warned the nation of a potential 'counterstrike'.
Also a speaker at this week's event is Wyeth Johnson, inset, a US art director with credits to his name including the Gears of War series, and franchises such as Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike, Star Trek and Sin.
According to the Korean Central News Agency, the Minju Joson newspaper said North Korea is "fully ready to react to their provocation with a prompt counterstrike, and to a war of aggression with a great war of justice for national reunification."