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a spy who works against enemy espionage


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In the winter of I950, Sovexportfilm held negotiations with an independent Hollywood producer, Boris Mottos (who also worked as a Soviet espionage agent and, after the mid-1940s, as a counterspy for the FBI).
The upgrade to VIPRE Enterprise is available to all existing customers of CounterSpy Enterprise who are currently under a maintenance plan for a nominal fee.
15; Peter Gribbin, "Brazil and CIA," Counterspy (April-May 1979): p.
Philbrick, who was simultaneously an "average citizen, member of the Communist Party, and counterspy for the FBI.
In 1975, the CIA station chief in Athens, Greece, was assassinated outside his home after his identity was publicly disclosed in Counterspy magazine.
After his name was published in Covert Action and in another publication, Counterspy, Richard Welch, the CIA station chief in Athens, Greece, was killed.
Tell me, these readers inquire, is the reality of the spy versus counterspy game anything like the exciting espionage genre of Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy, or John le Carre?
Counterspy, as their drama serial was titled, was broadcast during Children's Hour, and called upon the current host of This Is Your Life to utilise one of his lesser-known talents.
Hedenstrom, for his part, liked the idea of playing the role of counterspy so he began a series of meetings with the real estate agent that carried on through late December and into the new year.
Their encounter, counterspy and spy, was one of many head-turning vignettes at a historic meeting here in Havana, March 22-25, in which Americans and Cubans from all sides reconstructed and relived the April 17, 1961, Bay of Pigs invasion.
The brotherhood of encipherment and poetry is an obvious one, rendered more powerful by the knowledge that the great and paranoid counterspy Angleton (to whom Hollander sent a copy of Reflections on Espionnage) was already a fan of Empson as a Yale undergraduate and editor of a literary magazine: literature helped lead him to espionage.
18, 1999: "Canadian researchers declared in the British Medical Journal that James Bond, the fictional counterspy, was onto something.
So does the great Avenger himself, Patrick Macnee, who played the suave British counterspy John Steed for 11 years.
Jealousy between those who lost livestock and those hiding them arose, feeding the cycle of spy and counterspy.