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a spy who works against enemy espionage


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8) John MacGaffin, "Clandestine Human Intelligence: Spies, Counterspies, and Covert Action," in Transforming U.
In the damp dusk The bats playing spies and counterspies by the river's Bankrupt water station Look like the flung hands of deaf boys, restlessly Signing the dark.
The spies and counterspies of the major powers and their allies resulted in the odd casualty; but the war was hot in Arabia, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia, where proxies, such as Cuban and East German forces, were widely used.
The secret armies: Spies, counterspies, and saboteurs in World War II.
Large offers many fascinating details about the city: he discusses the extraordinary chaos of life during World War II bombing; the story of Jewish "Greifer," captured by the Gestapo, but allowed to live "underground" in return for informing on others; and the ever-astonishing tales of spies and counterspies in the 1950s, examples of the famous "wall in the head," which afflicts Berliners still.
In both, a letter is sought by knife-wielding counterspies.
The names were listed on army documents approving the use of the 52 prisoners of war, taken captive on suspicion of spying for the former Soviet Union, as subjects for the experiments as they had become useless as counterspies.
Since the Cold War thawed, le Carre's spies, counterspies and various shady emigres, embittered intellectuals, secret-sharers and wharf rats no longer are locked into the threadbare old boxing arena of East vs.
Goffman's (1969) analysis of expression games identified five kinds of moves used by spies, counterspies, and the like (for example, the unwitting move, the naive move, the covering move, the uncovering move, the counter-uncovering move).