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Synonyms for countersign

a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed

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add one's signature to after another's to attest authenticity

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Countersigning is defined as a second or confirming signature on a previously signed document, a blind signature which is not witnessed.
The countersignatory ('Y') had argued that that the arbitral agreement was not binding on it because the charterparty had been concluded between the Owners and 'X', with Y simply countersigning as a guarantor.
The form must be signed in the presence of a health or social services professional who countersigns it; if the professional countersigning is not the attending physician, the signed form is given to the attending physician.
This fallows a review of the guidelines late last year when the regulatory requirements for countersigning the administration or supply of medicines under a standing order were amended.
Under Article 102, paragraph 3 of the Bulgarian Constitution, no countersigning is required for presidential decrees pertaining to: 1.
Interestingly - and I am thinking in particular here of the Otterburn Army Ranges - public-sector landlords will be prohibited from countersigning such applications.