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(NYSE: GFIG) that, if countersigned by GFI, provides that BGC would increase its fully financed, all-cash tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding shares of GFI to USD 5.60 per share, the company said on Wednesday.
Kara Daisy Ashmore I countersigned 3 passports belonging to the same family and had to write and return 3 separate letters, they all arrived different days!
System: ...At the first instance of errant behaviour, details of the incident are recorded in the student diary and the same has to be countersigned by the parent.
On Wednesday, Yane Yanev, leader of the marginal conservative Order, Law and Justice, RZS, party, drew attention to the fact that none of the four Justice Ministers in the period 2002-2012 (Anton Stankov, Georgi Petkanov, Miglena Tacheva and Margarita Popova) had countersigned the pardon decrees issued by Vice President Angel Marin.
A letter, countersigned by Carwyn Jones and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, advises David Cameron of their "mutual feeling regarding the exclusion of the devolved administrations from policy development and decision making" on European matters, many of which are devolved.
By the same token, every European seafarer can also be countersigned as an instance of this generic human type.
Iwas a bit perplexed when I opened the application form, but my neighbour helped me out and my parish priest countersigned it.
Burris was barred from the Senate floor and not sworn in as a United States Senator on grounds that the secretary of state had not countersigned or affixed the state seal to his appointment papers.
Applications will be available from GP surgeries and clinics, but must be countersigned by the patient's G P, hospital doctor or service doctor.
The reply pretended to have been sent by Mr Bubbins Senior and Foster countersigned it claiming that she was a solicitor.
This must also be countersigned by the child's parent and children can not work more than two hours on a school day, and not before 7am or after 7pm.
A CORRUPT civil servant who countersigned passports used by illegal immigrants and a drug dealer was jailed for two years and two months yesterday.
Fortunately for me, some of the heads of department supported ENs, but we still have put up with some unnecessary situations, eg ENs having to have ate medications and nursing notes countersigned by an registered nurse.
The card, which costs GBP10 per year, can be applied for using credit card details and a form which has been countersigned by a professional who knows the child involved and uses technology to authenticate applications.
If the check already is countersigned, ask the person to sign it again on the reverse side and compare the information on the check to the person's photo identification.