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a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed


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Consequently, any interpretation the reader offers as countersignature requires the sort of leap Lance himself makes when he attempts to represent the dialogue between Merlin and Margot.
She was also spotted handling residents' money without a witness or countersignature, both of which were required by the home's policy.
2172-2185), the very same manuscripts that (together with the Codex Atlanticus restituted to Italy after 1815) had been "requisitioned" in 1796 by the French state--effectively stolen--from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, at the wish of Napoleon Bonaparte, with the agency of the famous Dominique-Vivant Denon, Director General of the Muse'e Central des Arts (Musee Napoleon), and with the official countersignature of Jacques Pierre Tinet, Directoire agent, Chief War Commisioner Peignon, and others.
(128.) For example, an uncashed travelers check would remain in the owner's possession and would demonstrate both his ownership and, through the absence of a countersignature, that he had not previously recovered the deposit from the holder.
Small organizations should at least require countersignature of checks and have bank statements reconciled promptly by someone who doesn't have the authority to deposit or withdraw funds.
See also Jacques Derrida, Countersignature, 27/2 PARAGRAPH 7, 28-29 (2004) (Mairead Hanrahan transl.
A countersignature by the prime minister is required.
Mr Swinnerton said Riley had needed a countersignature for the cash requests, so forged her supervisor's.
Advance Premium: $ Policies Subject to Premium Audit: Audit Period: []Annually []Semi-annually []Quarterly []Monthly Countersignature Of Authorized Representative Name: Title: Signature: Date: NOTE: Officers' facsimile signatures may be inserted here, on the policy cover or elsewhere at the company's option.
When forwarded to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) for countersignature, a Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) Manpower and Travel Data Sheet (MTDS) must accompany all LOA documents that contain manpower.
Endorsements for deposit to the credit of the Corporation in any of its authorized depositories may be made without countersignature, by any officer of the corporation or may be made by hand-stamped impression in the name of the Corporation, unless otherwise provided by resolution of the Board of Directors.
Finally, the president's pardoning powers--as well as any of the president's other powers--is dependent on the countersignature of the relevant minister, in this case the Minister of Justice, without which the pardon is not in force.
As a modality of the signature, the act of subscription opens itself to the countersignature of an act of reading, and therefore to an encounter with the other.
countersignature: An authorized signature of agent or company representative on an insurance policy.
Rounds also opposed the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers' legal efforts to break countersignature laws, testifying in federal court against the CIAB legal initiative last year.