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What could have been a nonstarter works beautifully: The hearings were all shot facing the judge, so the "actors" could be edited in as countershots, each one carefully but naturally repeating the words spoken by the real, unseen defendants.
She is the author of five books on cinema, including Cinematernity: Film, Genre, Motherhood (1996), Sunrise (1998), Imitation Of Life (1991), and Shot/ Countershot: Film Tradition and Women's Cinema (1989).
This fluctuation will continue in carefully deliberated ways throughout the piece, heightening the cinematic devices of shot and countershot, our identification with the characters and our voyeurist viewing of them, to engage us in a game of construction and interpretation in which we are constantly piecing together the environment of the video and where and who we are in it.
This oddly angled shot, whose static duration emphasizes its vigilant suppression of the expected countershot (i.e., a view of the stage from the audience's perspective) even as the evening's performance, a Schubert recital by pianist Alexandre Tharaud, commences, informs us that Haneke is master of this jurisdiction, creating anxiety by withholding the anticipated image.
We see shot and countershot of the older man's face, the younger man's face, the two men facing each other in profile.
As Robert Graves recounts, "Some hold that [Aphrodite] sprang from the foam which gathered about the genitals of Uranus, when Cronus [his son] threw them into the sea." (10) In At Land, Deren does not simply wash up onshore; the shots and countershots imply a conscious exchange between her gazes outward and the sea, which, in an inversion of natural law, only recedes farther and farther away, as if, having completed its task, it now bids her farewell.