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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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The Cultural Revolution would have been fine if it had only struck the counterrevolutionary enemies of the CPC.
The initial momentum for locating fascism on the counterrevolutionary Right," writes Gottfried, "came from Marxists, who focused on the struggle between fascists and the revolutionary Left and the willingness of owners of forces of production to side with the fascists when faced by revolutionary threats.
Ironically, disparate forces of change like IS, the Houthis, and the Kurds, and counterrevolutionary forces headed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, agree tacitly on one thing: pursuing their divergent goals involves a violent and bloody process that will carve up various states into ethnic and sectarian entities.
Broadly speaking, Catholicism and Democracy is a defense of French republicanism against its Catholic counterrevolutionary critics.
Li, 62, was convicted of spreading counterrevolutionary propaganda during the Tiananmen Square protests.
14) It shows that he was accused of, and convicted for, the then fairly standard crime of engaging in counterrevolutionary activity.
The first part looks at the period after the French Revolution with seven entries on counterrevolutionary thought, romanticism, nationalism, Hegel's influence, the role of history and law, social science, and radical movements.
Soon we find that all ethnic minorities are equal, but some are more equal than others, and as such need more of a reward for their efforts and any criticism is not only counterrevolutionary, but must be viewed through the lens of political correctness so that these ethnic minorities who are playing the race card against the wider community, can accuse the wider community of racial prejudice.
The historiographical drift toward an acknowledgment of the counterrevolutionary effects of the revolution provides a necessary counterweight to the longstanding narrative of the radical impact of the revolution on the slave societies of the Americas.
To achieve this end, Robin presents a collection of previously published essays, which offer a scope of modern conservatism, while being unified by Robin's overarching belief that it is fundamentally counterrevolutionary From the outset of the book, Robin sets up an interesting argument that the evolution of the American conservative movement has been built on the foundation of the social change and progress foisted onto the country by its liberal opponents.
MY TWO CHINAS: THE MEMOIR OF A CHINESE COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY tells of a modern dissident whose name became legendary during the time of the Tiananmen Square massacre.
If one person was labeled a counterrevolutionary, his or her whole family became a counterrevolutionary family and the children counterrevolutionary children.
Why then, Stephenson asks and answers, did the frontline soldiers play a counterrevolutionary role?
The semi-official Isna news agency quoted the deputy Tehran prosecutor as saying that of the 16, one was a member of the outlawed Baha'i faith, one was a communist and some of the rest belonged to the counterrevolutionary group Mojahedin Khalq Organization.
John Hardman's contribution similarly looks to the political clash between revolutionary and counterrevolutionary forces to explain the problem of conspiracy, although he places the blame squarely on the revolutionaries.