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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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Broadly speaking, I thus agree with Lu that both the revolutionary and the counterrevolutionary projects need to be transcended, as she puts it.
The person, whose name has not been released in the statement, has been arrested in Gorgan city in mid-July on charges of cooperation with enemy states, acting against Iran's national security and relationship with counterrevolutionary elements.
In its statement addressed to Sison, RPM-M said we have had antagonistic relationships with you and the New People's Army since you considered former communist rebels as counterrevolutionary, pseudo progressive and a traitor to the masses.
Whittaker Chambers; the spirit of a counterrevolutionary.
Beijing has been reluctant to reinvestigate what really happened, but it has softened its original definition of the incident from being a ''counterrevolutionary riot'' to a ''political hiccup (that) happened between spring and summer in 1989.''
Beijing has been reluctant to reinvestigate what really happened and softened its original definition of the incident from being a ''counterrevolutionary riot'' to ''political disturbance that happened between spring and summer in 1989.''
And then there is the counterrevolutionary, existentialist angst: As Guevara and a small number of Cubans finally pulled out of the Congo, aware that their mission was a dismal failure, he noted, "During those last hours of our time in the Congo, I felt more alone than I had done even in Cuba or on any of my wanderings around the globe.
Cuban strongman Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar (1901-73), who was overthrown by Fidel Castro in 1959, is usually portrayed by historians as little more than a counterrevolutionary and reactionary figure.
Too much emphasis on the failure of the policy draws attention away from the deficiencies produced by the Guomindang's counterrevolutionary stance.
military support of counterrevolutionary forces reversed the defeat of the oligarchy by the Sandinistas; in El Salvador, it prevented the implementation of the popular project.
It is probably premature to say that research on the revolution and the councils - or the role of counterrevolutionary activities - has exhausted itself given the as yet untapped materials in the archives of the former German Democratic Republic.
To mention only two: Zhang Chengzhi (author of the much-admired History of the Heart) explains how he came to invent the term "Red Guard"; and Wang Xiaoying describes the unexpected political repercussions of pinning a Mao badge on a corpse dressed for burial, an act interpreted by the authorities as a "counterrevolutionary crime" implying a wish to bury the Great Leader!
He had never bothered to hide his antipathy toward the Bolsheviks, and in August 1921 he was arrested and shot for counterrevolutionary activities.
counterrevolutionary war is designed to polarize Nicaraguan society further, to push the government to greater repression and thus to delegitimize the revolution.
He reiterated that on the basis of the intelligence tips received by the IRGC, the four terrorists were counterrevolutionary elements living in neighboring Turkey.