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a reformation intended to counter the results of a prior reformation

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Cabraser, The Class Action Counterreformation, 57 STAN.
Johnson made a brief connection between the character of Don Quixote and Christian chivalric ideals as a failed project: "the notion that bellicose Christian chivalry, whether in its old-fashioned feudal-medieval form, or the new improved Counterreformation version, is in fact the cornerstone of the work.
The designation "Orthodox" ("Orthodox faith") applied to the Eastern rite has been in use since the Renaissance and the Reformation (Counterreformation), that is, since the 16th century (more precisely, since the Council of Trent).
Music, piety, and propaganda: the soundscapes of counterreformation Bavaria.
However, the commercial relationship between these two powers was born before the Counterreformation. On this point, it is of particular interest to the present work to underline that the Venetians who maintained relationships with Beolco were precisely those who had the greatest connections with England.
Although usually associated with Catholicism and the counterreformation, the baroque becomes a Jewish and anti-inquisitional form in de Barrios's hands.
Unfortunately, a kind of counterreformation is also underway.
To fully understand the revanchist nature of the current historical moment, we need to revisit the horrors of Ronald Reagan's counterreformation. Private anti-black racial violence soared during the Reagan regime.
Because this 'reformation' in the sphere of humanitarian values, marked above all by the entry of politics into humanitarianism, sparked off its own 'counterreformation': the emergence of a form of 'antipolitics' in which humanitarians sought to contain and control the moral Hydra that they had unleashed by a compensatory drive to professionalisation and systems management.
For example, during the counterreformation in southern Germany and Austria images of idols (e.g.
(1) Robert Bireley, Religion and Politics in the Age of Counterreformation (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1981), 89.
See, e.g., Shapiro, supra note 4, at 707, 714-15 (describing a counterreformation in the 1980s that remains tethered to a basic pluralistic model of oversight but differs on the level of judicial scrutiny).
According to the other, imaginary, retrospective vision, the Bologna Process was, on the contrary, a counterreformation, as it blocked the reforms that the universities in different European countries were undertaking individually, and each one according to its specific conditions to face the above-mentioned challenges; furthermore, the Bologna Process forced a convergence beyond a reasonable level.
The concept of baroque in this country is still marked by the unfortunate title of Alois Firasek's novel Darkness (Temno), which was about the counterreformation's re-Catholicisation of the Czech lands and whose historical objectivity is.