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a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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For all the blows and combinations the Welshman landed in a thrilling contest, Kotelnik's counterpunching to the head always looked like settling the fight.
He works hard at his counterpunching style which is based on speed and sticking and moving.
Under their stewardship, amateur boxing has been given a scoring system which is continually open to allegations of abuse and which rewards counterpunching and general negativity over aggression.
is counterpunching with a new offering: the Liberty Freedom Fund.
Taking most of the rounds (my scorecard showed he had taken at least nine) by simply counterpunching, evading and throwing Pacquiao off timing, Mayweather typified what the sweet science is all about: The point of the game is not to get hit and strike when there's an opportunity to do so.
Moore defeated Wellington's Kalum Leather on Perth Green's show with a display of excellent counterpunching skills.
Pacquiao, who won a Congressional seat in his native Philippines in 2010, typically exerts his ceaseless will and power on his opponents, but has had some trouble with Marquez's counterpunching abilities.
He is a lovely boxer, a great technician in the ring with a long reach that suits his counterpunching style.
Vargas found his rhythm and the confidence he lost in the first round, counterpunching nicely.
Hatton said Pacquiao could find himself "in serious trouble" with Mayweather on May 2 given that the Filipino had a hard time against his counterpunching Mexican nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.
However his counterpunching style is not ideally suited to Murray's cat-and-mouse tactics and he may struggle if the Scot can drag him into the net.
Feared by foes for his counterpunching and lethal left hook, Donaire said he is confident he and his trainerfather Nonito Sr.
In tonight's Mercedes-Benz Cup quarter-finals in Los Angeles it could pay to support Juan Ignacio Chela, who is an underrated player on hard courts and will enjoy counterpunching against big-hitting Belgian Xavier Malisse.
I felt like he was overwhelming me,'' Hogarth said, ``that I was counterpunching all afternoon, just trying to hang on and find a way to win.