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a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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It was a quartet of unanimous verdicts for Birtley, Berry defeating a southpaw counterpuncher T Harty (Braunstone ABC) in Class One 34kgs and in Class Two 54kgs Burnside seeing off Buxton's Giann Magno.
But in Minister Rajab, their omissions and false assertions will not go unnoticed for as a verbal counterpuncher, she is a veritable Muhammad Ali.
She was seen as a counterpuncher but she has become potent and aggressive and is still only 20 years old.
Floyd, fleet of foot and maybe the most deadly counterpuncher ever, rarely gets hit.
Federer said: "It's hard to get into any sort of rhythm against Tsonga from the baseline because he's a good counterpuncher.
Mitchell had to show he was a smart counterpuncher to keep the Aussie at bay.
Marquez is a counterpuncher who studies tapes of his opponent s offensive and defensive tendencies.
He's a hell of a fighter, good counterpuncher, boxer, but I've been around the sport and I've faced many different styles so I'll adjust and I'll adapt once I get to that squared circle Saturday night.
Sparring, Gilmore said: "I don't lead, I'm a counterpuncher.
Unlike Gore in 2000--who was a close companion of Bush on almost everything except guns and abortion, and to the right of Bush on military spending--Dean is an outspoken opponent of the invasion of Iraq, an advocate for universal health coverage (albeit implemented in steps), a late but welcome skeptic on NAFTA and other so-called free-trade deals, a counterpuncher against corporate corruption who has talked about "re-regulating" some sectors of the economy, a critic of the worst features of the Patriot Act, a friend of working people and organized labor who has called for raising the minimum wage to $6.
The American people rated him a stronger president when he was forced into the role of counterpuncher in 1995-2000.
Crees a clever counterpuncher, could take the title if he keeps out of trouble in the early rounds.
A brilliant counterpuncher, specializing in mockery of his opponents, he wrote unshapely essays in which the best things were often to be found in ungainly asterisk footnotes.
Socrates was a good counterpuncher, one of the best on record if Plato's version is to be believed; and yet he remained committed to the overall project of rational inquiry.