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a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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CRICKET: Virat Kohli provided early proof that India are well equipped to begin life after Sachin Tendulkar as he counterpunched his way to a century in the opening Test against South Africa in Johannesburg.
Degale, who had lost four of his previous five bouts against the Irishman, used his flashy backfoot style to maximum effect and counterpunched with great accuracy to earn his final place.
When small-business owners or union officials--also employing political operatives from past campaigns--came out swinging, the war room immediately counterpunched, issuing fact-filled press releases, inundating reporters with phone calls and saturating the Internet with counterarguments.
Crandall counterpunched, offering discount tickets designed to undercut People's bargain fares.
Rocky' had his opponent on the ropes as he raced into a 6-0 lead - but Warriner-Little counterpunched his way back into the contest to set up a tiebreak.
I'm not happy with the way we counterpunched,'' Lavin said.
Whenever someone threatened his lead, Van de Velde counterpunched with a timely shot.
The Manfredy-Brown fight was action-packed from the first to the final bell as Brown kept coming forward and firing while Manfredy counterpunched.
When UCLA surged, courtesy of eight consecutive points by Bailey, the Broncos held their ground, then counterpunched.
So the Yankees counterpunched by spending $20 million on Kenny Rogers.