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tending to hinder the achievement of a goal

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"In the light of the ongoing talks to restore the executive, our view is that forcing a report and debate every two weeks on the progress of those talks risks being counterproductive to this overarching aim."
Vote buying is one powerful counterproductive force that perverts our electoral process.
Ms Ni Sheaghdha said the current proposals were "totally counterproductive and would represent a step back for recruitment and retention".
She said the baseless Indian allegations and aggressive rhetoric were counterproductive and a threat to regional peace.
Although counterproductive behaviour is not a common concept applied in social work literature, ethical behaviour is studied since aligning codes of ethics with professionals' decision-making and ethical behaviour (e.g., confidentiality, relationships, information and users' autonomy) is of paramount importance to them (see Reamer, 2013, Uriz & Salcedo, 2017).
The concept of counterproductive work behaviour (CWB) has emerged as an area of continued research interest among scholars, managers and human resource managers.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has called as "baseless, malicious, and counterproductive" the additional complaint filed against him by the Public Attorney's Office (PAO).
Tajikistan has called measures used by Russia against the Tajik aviation authorities 'counterproductive', Tajik agency reported on April 3.
IANS New Delhi Criticising the demand for privatising state-run banks in the wake of the Rs 12,600 crore PNB fraud, a bank employees'body has written to Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley that such a move would be"counterproductive".
The statement added that "any Israeli threats against Lebanon, its territorial waters and its oil resources, will bounce back in the first place on Israel and its officials." Tueni deemed that the hostile positions toward Lebanon were counterproductive and unwise to what the Zionist rulers wanted.
Present study was an empirical attempt to investigate mediating effect of job burnout in relationship between POP and counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs) among high school teachers (N = 453).
Federal Reserve policymaker Stanley Fischer has warned that efforts to undo banking regulation put in place after the financial crisis would be counterproductive.
Counterproductive work behaviors which can be defined as an intentional employee behavior violating an organization's legitimate interests by being potentially harmful to the organization, organization's property, process or its members and caused not to fulfill organization's objectives, are being researched frequently nowadays because of its huge amount of cost to the organizations.
Too much too counterproductive and even The new SATs exams mean children as young as five are now being tested on material such as punctuation, times tables and fractions - two years earlier than before.