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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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History throws up interesting coincidences that, in fact, produce far more interesting counterpositions. October 5 2011 provides just such an example.
The implicit counterposition is, of course, 'death.' (56) Dyer traces this logic through films such as the 1938 Hollywood plantation romance Jezebel, in which black characters are used to "bodily express [white] desire" while the "white calm" of the heroine is revealed as "an imposition, a form of repression of life" (58).
[seeing] identity as constituting itself, through counterposition; through a process of differentiating itself from what it is not" ("Negotiating Disciplinary Boundaries," Current Sociology 47, no.
She revisit the counterposition of feminist standpoint, or anti-foundational, theory--where the experiences of the subjugated are 'the best sources for constructing a socially transformative knowledge' (33)--with foundational or post-positivist realist stances, where identities are mediated by, and require negotiation with politico-cultural theory.
Unknown to me, "new cohort" historians of Soviet Russia were at that time dismissing Fitzpatrick's counterposition of the "revolution from above" with an "imaginary hypothesis of a 'revolution from below."' (43) Stuart Macintyre, whose pioneering "revisionist" writings on British communism long predated my own, was in a different context characterising both "high politics" and "history from below" as "treacherous" spatial metaphors.
The tension between these 'neo-idealist' and 'discursive-material' lines of genre theory in Bakhtin finds 'vigorous resolution' in 'Discourse in the Novel', where the move that makes 'novel' carry a wider resonance of 'novelness' far beyond works compositionally defined by that term is none the less compromised by an outdated and unnecessary counterposition of 'novel' to 'poetry'.
He later reported in Sovetskaia kul'tura that instead of the usual film critics who presided over the annual all-union film festival and the Moscow international film festival, a "large group of sociologists" were present at the "Odessa alternative." He further stressed the greater need for "contact with the spectator," and the necessity to study viewers' needs, desires, and sympathies/ (4) What did Govorukhin intend with this counterposition of sociology with film criticism?
(2) The suspicion arises here that Herder's Metacritique actually represents a precritical position, especially since it appeals to empiricists like Bacon, Locke, and Hume in articulating its counterposition. (3)
The counterposition presents a practical vision of college as an institution that provides a concrete value to both students and society in the form of early career training.
When Wegener's wartime papers first appeared, Tirpitz had assigned two senior captains to draft counterposition papers; these replies attacked the details of Wegener's work but did not "come to grips with its strategic insights." (38) Actually, Wegener's thesis had enough inconsistencies of detail and contradictions in terms to be vulnerable on the level of technicalities alone.
According to Massey, place and identity are no longer determined only by some locally originated, singular force, but also by the multiplicity of crisscrossing linkages to the "outside." "Definition," Massey opines, "does not have to be through simple counterposition to be outside; it can come, in part, precisely through the particularity of linkage to that 'outside' which is therefore itself part of that consititutes the place" (155).
But the whole counterposition of the two models, which A.