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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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This approach does not counterpose the historical/political to the spiritual, but sees each as an expression of the other.
The masons derived from their mythic traditions the imagery of moral order which they wished to counterpose to the dislocations of the modern world, but in such a way as to promote the beneficial aspects of the new freer markets.
If The Mystery of Samba fails to counterpose the active agency of black resistance to the efficacy of mediating ideologies such as Freyre's, that balance is achieved in Hanchard's Orpheus and Power.
In conclusion, Condivi's series of remarks about lack of finish in the Sistine Ceiling need to be seen in the context of interweaving biographical strategies and topoi: the need first to defend Michelangelo against accusations of lack of finish, and secondly to counterpose against the myth of the reluctant artist the myth of the over-impatient patron.
Drawing on a combination of state documents, life histories, and in-depth interviews, della Porta contrasts these two countries at three analytical levels to counterpose the rational choice perspective with other explanations of political violence.
Sometime in an on-demand future, Print Wikipedia promises a set of material facts to counterpose data measures of the human-machine interface, i.
Meanwhile, left and right walls counterpose complementary viewpoints: that of the issuers of currency, and that of its users.
Chireau critiques the tendency of interpreters to counterpose "non-Christian" (that is, "African") elements with "Christian" aspects of black religious life, because all too commonly, this analytic posture obscures "the range of relationships which might exist between them" (4).
He then goes on to discuss how viewing language as a device for representing situations, individuals, and events in multiple worlds--worlds related in variable ways to the world language users deem actual at a given moment in time--helps capture the plurisignification of literary utterances, which typically select and counterpose "multiple propositions in a sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant, but always suggestive, relationship" (93).
Created by Glasgow-based designer and metal craftsman John Creed, Counterpose was inspired by the buildings contemporary design and stands seven metres high.
A series of insurgent conceits counterpose to the sneering reality of the occupation, a surrealist intifada of the imagination, rupturing the faded routine of the first part with brash images that meld recent history with Christian and Muslim iconography.
To discover that satellite TV, the Internet and some subversive preaching should suddenly provide them access to divergent opinions disconcerts if it doesn't frighten us, as does their willingness to counterpose rudimentary suicide missions to the helicopter gunships and F-16s we provide the Israelis.
The physique of the journal itself is part of its elegance, and the firm of Anthony McCall, longtime designer of Conjunctions' covers and, more recently, design director and information architect of its website, continually produces a complex, sly fusion of varying images and text which both announce and counterpose the contents inside.
Ticktin, for instance, tends merely to counterpose planning to the market.
Blau (president, US chapter of Sociologists without Borders) and Moncada (president, Sociologists without Borders) counterpose the notion of collective freedom to individual liberal freedom and argues for its superiority.