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a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison

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(1) The term bezoar comes from the Arabic badzehr or from the Persian panzer, both meaning counterpoison and antidote.
* a rebuttal of another's position: censure, exception, caveat, counterpoison, reply, antidote, answer, justification, eviction, replication, opposition, warning, defence, justification, apology, defensative, remedy, remonstrance, refutation, protestation, confutation, recovery, manuduction.
Smith makes an effort to cover up the contradiction by claiming that a friend is not a flatterer, and that Strauss aimed to rescue liberal democracy from its shortcomings by administering a "counterpoison." However, as I observed in my own review of Smith's book, the "counterpoison" turns out to be lethal to liberal democracy.
One extended passage from "Plato's Pharmacy": Philosophy thus opposes to its other [e.g., to sophistry] this transmutation of the drug into a remedy, of the poison into a counterpoison. Such an operation would not be possible if the pharmako-logos did not already harbor within itself that complicity of contrary values, and if the pharmakon in general were not, prior to any distinction-making, that which, presenting itself as a poison, may turn out to be a cure, may retrospectively reveal itself in the truth of its curative power.