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brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another

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Kaiser is surely right in observing that "memories transmitted favor historical explanations that distort and simplify the events" (41), but she seems unaware of the shortcomings of her own counterpoised interpretation.
They exude a strong sense of self-worth, are comfortable with their ethnicity, and take seriously values that are generally counterpoised to those of competition and domination, which are prevalent in the public sphere and internalized by younger feminists.
"While his highways are getaway routes, they are counterpoised with fixed points on the map, whether that be a character's home, workplace, or the fabled boardwalk at Asbury Park, the New Jersey beach town immortalized in 'Born to Run' and '4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy),' among other songs.
Gronbeck argues that this cultural studies tradition differs from others: Distinctively American with its unusual grounding in classics, religious hermeneutics, the philosophy of sociology, and anthropology, this school of communication studies stands counterpoised to its Continental and British sisters.
It is difficult not to wax nostalgic when gold is counterpoised to inflation, currency depreciation, exchange-rate uncertainty and chronic balance-of-payments shortfalls.
Neatly counterpoised to these demonic figures are characters possessing magical or mystical powers who lead the fight for goodness and justice: Gandalf, Dumbledore, Obi-Wan Kenobi (and Yoda).
Without overtly revoking the ancient orthodoxy, the declaration shifted emphases and counterpoised the new against the old to give more emphasis to divine love, grace, and human responsibility and less to predestination and depravity.
Counterpoised against Ruineux's internal shadowshow of crossed projections is the tonic offered by the vibrant Jasmine: the generous benediction of the sweet press of the real and of imperfect love as a way out of the narrowed dead ends and awful loneliness of Ruineux's imagination.
The immateriality of the inserted structures is induced by height and length, and by being counterpoised against the massive masonry wall, its thickness displayed in the deep reveals of small square windows set high above the ground.
The plush owners' lounge at Jackdaws harbours any number of golden memories of O'Neill's career, with the highs of two Gold Cups and two Champion Hurdles counterpoised by ten screws and a metal plate framed on the wall as a shiny reminder that the dues have been paid in full.
Presumably this represents an implied rebuke of the contemporary, to which is counterpoised a more traditional conception in which the imagery and rhythms of nature predominate.
What's important is not just that an ordinary object becomes an art object through the traditional sculptural process of casting, here counterpoised with industrial materials and flirting with reductivist strategies.
`The dancing', replies Billy) are counterpoised with one of the examiners genuinely (and inappropriately) wishing Billy's father good luck with the strike.
Especially worried about the leveling and reductionistic tendencies inherent in egalitarian thought, especially in its "advanced" democratic forms, and in the administrative Leviathan State (see "The Meaning of the `Common man'" [1949]), he counterpoised to them several "pluralisms"--of social authorities and bodies, of a richly complex and hierarchical moral order, and of "points of view" inherent in "the ordinary man's consciousness" and "the normal life of society." In the same vein, his many analyses of the Good, Justice, and Equality sought to exhibit the partial, reductionistic, and ultimately incoherent views of the progressive mind in its many forms, while providing positive alternatives.